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Let's go!
It's time to check out the most
aggravating, loathsome, repugnant, noxious, barbaric fury-inducing characters in cartoon history
some of these characters haunts\\ the memories of our childhood
and terrorize the people of today with any presence on television
these animated characters are so downright offensive
that they actually managed to lower the quality of life for those watching it
so we're gonna check them out today
So let's dive right into the
Top 10 WORST Cartoon Characters of all Time
And as always if you do like these characters
That's great!
Is just my silly personal opinion
And i'm glad you can enjoy these characters when I can't
So take this list with a pinch of salt
Anyway, on to the countdown!
Number #10
Angelica from Rugrats
Has there ever truly been a more annoying little brat
than this little turd?
I know we're meant to dislike her
but the creators managed to make her SO detestable that
just seeing Angelica makes me become so overwhelmed with unbridled fury
That I go into crazy eight mode
How can a girl who bullies kids who can even walk yet possibly be any more dislikable
I remember losing my appetite for cookies after watching Angelica
For years! I just felt like a gluttonous greddy bad guy whenever I ate them
You know you botched up your character design a bit
when your cartoon characters are SO LOATHE that you cause early on-set eating disorders
in seven year olds
It took me 15 years before I can watch this otherwise excellent cartoon again
And frankly I blame SATANICA!
And the #9
from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Ah, Foster's Home
What an innocent charming little piece of childhood
Except for one BIG BLUE DONKEY problem
standing in its way
Bloo is just an unredeemable FURY inducing train wreck of a character
Wikipedia defines Bloo's personality as
a manipulative, self-centered, immature abrasive narcissistic maniac
And that was the nice version
Even Wikipedia can't be neutral about this waste of network space
Bloo is such a nefarious little ball of animosity
that he actually dramatically lower the quality of the cartoon for me
I've never watched Foster's Home that much
mainly because the FOUL taste Bloo left on the show
When he wasn't trying to swindle his friends
out of their money
He was putting the entire household in DANGER with his insane ideas
Bendy was technically worse but at least he was only in one episode
Bloo is the main f̶r̶e̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ character of the show
Personally if I ever find this blue pile of GUNK on the back of my shoe
i'm scraping it off!
Because I just stepped in something NASTY
And the #8
Mr. Krabs from Spongebob
Some people say that ALL of the Spongebob characters have gotten worse
as Spongebob series is going on
but in my opinion Mr. Krabs has been a greedy money-obsessed
carnivorous monster the whole time
For nearly two decades
This crab has exploited one of the nicest
most positive-thinking cartoon characters ever created
into slave labor
He takes no consideration for anyone
Including his own daughter
unless cold hard cash is involved
Krabs is just one big lesson in the dangers of
obsessing over financial gain
He laughs in the face of his slowly dying competitor
And exploits all the fish people in the ocean
with fast food that can literally make their thighs explode!
Krabs is every heartless detached CEO that has ever squelch the dreams
and hopes of his fellow fish
Number #7
Brainy Smurf
If any cartoon character makes the village idiot sound
like an appealing job, it's Brainy Smurf
Thanks to this dreadful little speck of narcissism
I don't have any memories of Smurfs when I was a kid
Just anger filled flashes of Brainy Smurf's nasaly voice as he lectures to an entire village of how incredibly
smart he is
He's called the village intellectual, but I don't ever remember him actually doing anything smart!
In fact, most of the time he botches up the village plans terribly
And send the entire Smurf village into DISASTER!
Yet somehow, the village seems to like and respect him
Despite the fact that this guy is even more egocentric than Vanity Smurf
His name is Vanity! His entire character is that he stares in the mirror
Even when you read the Smurf Encyclopedia
They openly state Brainy Smurf serves no purpose to the story
Except being a nuisance
In other words, even the creators of the Smurfs hated this Smurf
He's definitely one of the worst characters
And the sixth worst cartoon character is
Johnny from Johnny Test
Johnny is simply an anomaly of nature
by his very existence he demeans every millennial who is unfortunate enough to watch him
Johnny is just a farting, sneering, walking bullseye
He's self-entitled, narcissistic and his hair is so obnoxiously bright
that I imagine it causes seizures
his presence has all the charm of an autopsy
and his entire existence seems to be one big vain attempt to appeal to
The youths
I've never quite figured out if ''the youths'' considered it as much of a pandering
exhaust breathing blockhead as I do
but every time I see Johnny sneer
I just feel like he's demeaning the entire millennial generation
He's a hero that literally farts on the bad guys to drive them back
I do think they even have the mental capacity find a stupid way to fight
This kid gives millennials an unfair bad name
And the #5
Allen Gregory from ''Allen Gregory''
Many of us have seen the stereotype of the pretentious
over privileged rich boy
characters like Richie Rick that sort of thing
But the creators of this cartoon said ''PFFT! Lightweights!''
WE can do REAL pretentious
Let's concentrate that pretentiousness into a fine laser
that could cause savage desk throwing fury in Gandhi himself
The entire premise of this abysmal cartoon he starred in
was to look down at the other 99.9% percent of the population
What a spectacular idea!
Next, why don't we create a duck shooting show
the animal rights channel
If you can watch more than 10 minutes of this snooty
overconfident dweeb without slamming your fist through your monitor
then you have my respect
And the #4
Scrappy Doo
I've never meet anyone who actually like Scrappy Doo
And when I say everyone I do mean EVERYONE
The creator's themselves hated their own creations so much
that they made him the villain in the live-action movie
This seems like another case
where the writers were purposely trying to sabotage the cartoon series
and send it down the toilet!
He was defenseless yet always picking fights
And every word he said seem to make taxidermy more appealing
He was characterized by being extreme egomaniac
That through the whole gang in danger constantly
...and that was actually about it!
Scrappy-Doo was added to the cartoon as a sad
desperate attempt to restore Scobby's ratings
When the show was on its last legs
they followed this up with... Uuughhh
''The Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show''
because you know, torturing your audience is fun
Just once! just once!
couldn't they have let Scrappy actually face the monsters?
Let the one-foot-tall puppy take on the seven foot monster
chances are afterwards he won't be trying again
And the third worst cartoon character is
Peter and Brian Griffin
I can manage to tolerate a lot of things about Family Guy
I can tolerate the empty nauseating shock humor
the mean-spirited foul jokes
and the endless celebrity references
but I just can't Peter and Brian
These two are just pure hateful characters
with no redeeming qualities whatsoever
many may disagree with me on this choice
but personally Peter and Brian were the first characters
I thought on when I made this list
Peter was made to hide around the premise of being, quote on quote, retarded
but Seth can't even write an intellectually challenged character nowadays
an intellectually challenged person isn't capable of being to intelligently sadistic as Peter
Peter is just an unapologetically
cruel, neglectful and outright evil character
He attacks his friends
he abuses his children
he abuses his wife
Peter is an outright insult to intellectually challenged people
and the fan fury behind Brian's character nowadays
is almost comical to see
People now hate Brian SO much
that the general fan consensus is that the main highlight
of the new episodes is when they see him in pain
if I didn't feel so much like Brian was a direct ***
for Seth's arrogant self-indulgent agendas
he might be slightly more tolerable
but now every time Brian opens his mouth
I just end up disliking him even more
and even when he's meant to be nice!
he's so painfully transparent
shallow and openly exploitive of others
that is always cringe worty to watch
these two manage to wrap those around them with their mere presence
...And for number #2
The Annoying Orange
From CN's ''High Fuctose Adventures of Annoying Orange
Can I even call this d̶e̶t̶e̶s̶t̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ CG live-action abomination a cartoon?
It was on Cartoon Network, so I guess it is.
Watching Annoying Orange is JUST. PURE. TORMENT.
Is there any part of Annoying Orange that doesn't offend human sensation?
This character looks butt-ugly
It sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard
Hell! Annoying Orange is so detestable that it smells bad
Its mere existence is so nauseating
that it gives fruit in general a bad name
Apples and oranges are among my favorite snacks
yet now all I see those FOUL beady little eyes while hearing that detestable shrill voice
So now I always slice my oranges into nine sharp pieces
just to make sure it doesn't start squealing at me to like and subscribe to it
Every. single. moment this basely horrific piece of producers
on screen
I feel another surge of fury through my soul
I can safely say that I want to eviscerate the entire local fruit market
after watching five minutes of this thing
Annoying Orange as a character
and as a cartoon
is pure. uncontrolled. torment
And before we descend into the pits of #1
I'd like to give a couple of quick
DIShonorable mentions
Sway sway and... badoose
Undisputed winners of ''The stupidest name in the world'' contest
The only reason these two aren't on the list is because i've already talked about them three times
including in my worst cartoon characters of all time
and I imagine you're as sick of these ducks as I am
it is truly a dawn of a better day when these two ducks cancelled
Snarf from Thundercats
Renaldo from ''Steven Universe''
the bane of Steven Universe
Thank *** Rebecca Sugar stopped giving him screen time
imagine a character specifically designed to speak all the wrong inflections
and to be intolerably annoying in every manner posible
a character who squeals his sentences rather than talks
mercifully we only had to tolerate this strange yellow confused *** for a couple of episodes
Modern Spongebob Patrick
Interestingly, modern Patrick is absolutely hated by a great deal of a community now
Patrick was actually recommended for this list more than any other character
I admit he's become a jerk in later seasons
my main defense for choosing Krabs over him was that Krabs
has just been a bad apple from the start
but Patrick certainly gets a dishonorable mention
DW from ''Arthur''
I think I've missed the age group for Arthur of their bets
because even as a kid it was just a little too wholesome for me
but I didn't hated it or anything
but DW!
this irritating little ass just stuck in my head
sadly, whenever I think Arthur
I just think of how annoying DW was
Interesting side fact; did you know there was 19 f̶r̶e̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ seasons of this show?
And it is still going!
After 19 f̶r̶e̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ years!
How's this strange little odd box still eight years old?
That troll from ''Troll in Central Park''
I will not feed this troll!
Davey from ''Eight Crazy Nights''
Take all the most obnoxious screwed annoying characteristics
of Adam Sandler's films
and then mesh those into one vile irredeemable character
Anyway, here we go!
just a note for this final choice, we're gonna have to venture to some very dark territory
I'll be honest, it's a place I've never wanted to visit again
as long as I lived
Ren, from ''Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon''
There's no other choice!
Ren truly is the most vile
repugnant, despicable creature
to ever defiled animation history
This cartoon was so so bad
in fact, that the original voice actor
for Stimpy outright refused
to voice him again
the voice actor for Stimpy
thought the cartoon was too revolting
the guy who eats his own stomach acids
and ever since I first saw ''Ren seeks help''
I completely understood why
Ren in ''Adult Party Cartoon''
is just about every horrible aspect
of humanity
this character is like a black hole that all comedy
all clever humor is sucked into
We watch Ren grow up
relishing with glee
in watching the suffering of living things
eventually discovering he doesn't want to kill them
because that would end their suffering
leading to his slow growth into an abusive partner
Eventually Ren breaks down into an even more animalistic state
with truly known mental funtioning beyond a wild beast with a besire to kill
amputating and chlorine his way to slow end
of caging in isolation
How do you top that!?
How do we drop the bar any lower?
the bar is so low now that's
one through the center of the earth and broke throught the China
If you've seen ''The Clockwork Orange''
you probably know that a sadist character can
can be done artistically
thoughtfully and almost beautifully
there's nothing wrong with an insightful look into
our more barbaric sides
but there's nothing intelligent
clever, or even remotely insightful about Ren
I still feel the bile rising from the back of my throath when I see
footage of this... thing
Ren from ''Adult Party Cartoon''
is the embodiment of everything
that is ever been wrong in cartoon characters
past, present and i'm gonna hope future
I don't know who came up with this character
and I don't think I want to know
there's nothing pleasant about watching him
not a comfortable even slightly relatable thing about him
Ren is rotten to the core
and I consider him easily
The worst cartoon character of all time
but despite these cartoons existing
many of them might as well not exist
most of these characters are over a decade old
and nowadays i'm blown away
by how likeable and relatable new cartoons are making their characters
even the lousiest of teen sitcoms
have characters that are leagues more likable than these guys
and i'm glad to see cartoons always improving for new generations
Do you think i've missed a particular character?
there's such a wide variety of cartoons out there
I'd be amazed if I didn't missed at least a few
So feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments
and as always, thanks for watching!
and i'll see you next time!


Top 10 Worst Cartoon Characters

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