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What's the difference between On, In, Onto and Into?
Do we have to add "to"?
Does it matter?
Does it make a difference?
What's the meaning of life?
Non-automatic English subtitles by Julie Descaves
In this video, we'll answer all of those questions,
but, first, we need to focus on the prepositions "On" and "In".
Where is Aly?
He is inside or in the pool.
Where's Tom?
Outside or out of the pool.
Where's the fish?
On a plate.
Where is my phone?
In my pocket.
So : In, Out, Off, On, they show the location of objects :
My phone is in my pocket,
Aly is in the pool.
But, if we talk about movement,
from Off to On,
or from Out to In,
then, we must add "to".
For example :
I put a fish onto the plate.
I put the tweezers into my pocket.
Do we have to add "to"?
Couldn't I just say "I put the fish on a plate",
"I put the phone in my pocket"?
Yes, you could say that!
But that's why we use "to",
to show movement.
But, be careful, we say "onto something" but we don't say "offto something",
it's just off.
The same with "into", that's ok,
"outto", no!
Here's your test!
So, Aly and Tom are peeing.
But, where are they peeing?
One of them is peeing in the pool, one of them is peeing into the pool.
Did you guess correct?
Aly is peeing in the pool because that's his location, he is in the pool.
Tom is peeing into the pool beacuse his pee is going from out to in the pool.
I know this was a gross example but someone asks you what the difference is...
you'll remember.
See you next time!
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Oh, and the meaning of life is Pancakes!


English prepositions: "In", "Into", "On", and "Onto"

1190 タグ追加 保存
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