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Hello Jre
H-how dyou-
Do you know what today is?
I asked you a question
I literally just woke up I-
Do you know why today is important?
I dunno what's so important about today?
EXO's Monster is out
oh shit!
So you're doing a reaction to it
Thing about that is I might, I might not
I wasn't asking
Get up
Damn you bossy
Your equipment is already in place
Uhh- What the- No nonononono
How the hell did you even set this all up?
I didn't even set this shit up yet
The only thing left to do is-
(sigh) The only thing left to do is
Play. My. Intro.
(intro plays)
Freakin EXO already got me the bop fever
with Lucky One and now there's Monster
now y'all shout out to the people that follow me on twitter
Follow me on twitter
Anyways shout out to y'all cause y'all got me all hyped up
I'm kinda nervous again man
Like I said in the last one Lucky One
Like it's (sigh)
Ya see this amount of water
This is gonna refuel me
This gonna fuel me for the shit i'm about to go through
I dunno what to expect
I don't think they played the beat in the teaser but
I'm alright
Also shout out to Salv for that little voice he gave me
He gave the voice note to do that little intro so
shout out to Salv i'll put it in the link in the description down below of his channel
He does amazing covers and he's a great voice actor I feel like
Future voice actor
Anyways lets get into this
I can't wait anymore, I already drank my shit.
Lets go
No music?
What the fuck?
OH hand in my face
Wait a second woah wait
Eugh snake!
Okay yo
What bitch?
Oh shit
Don't be afraid
I got chills yo
Wait hold up
Okay okay
Everybody's doin like the airplane dancing thing now huh?
In like an airplane runway?
Oh my god they are funking it up
Oh oh the lil camera work to everything about that
Oh come on come on yeah
Yo you beat the shit outta everybody I see you
Sit on all the cameras
Look at D.O.
Don't be afraid
3, 2, 1 OH okay okay
Damn this your type this your type
Oh noo Kai, I dunno something about Kai
This like the second time I said this bout Kai
My heart's beating yo
Okay we breakin shit it's normal
it's oh shit
Oh because they're monsters they're tryna take control of them
Let's go let's go let's go
Funk it up funk it up funk it up funk it up
Ah shit they all locked up now?
Okay I see y'all damn!
Just everything it's well produced I feel like
Okay get in that air hanger
I saw a vine that said he sounded like he said he was "cramping cramping"
His freakin piercing tho-
Oh shit oh did he just like-
Oh that's not his piercing that he pulled out
It was like a ear plug
Wait he was the one beating up?
Or he's saving them all?
That's what I got
Yo this is definitely- If there's a Chinese Version
Do y'all want me to check out the Chinese Version as well?
If you do tell me in the comments down- Like this video if you want me to check out the Chinese Versions
of Lucky One and Monster if it does come out
I dunno when it's coming out
but YO tho that shit was hype
The hype was already there
The hype was fulfilled for me in general
I like this more that Lucky One because it has that little
y'know that kinda like aggressive body roll kinda music
kinda like BITCH WHAT'S GOOD (laughs)
Yo that shit was hype what the-
Damn. Alright y'all anyway
That's all I got ending like Damn.
Anyways y'all hoped you guys like my whatever this was
I dunno what this was
I dunno how I acted, I dunno if I offended some of y'all but
Oooh okay okay EXO
I love that you're back and it feels like it's been a long time
like I said in my Lucky One reaction
Guys if you guys wanna go check out my Lucky One reaction go check it out
Shout out to Salv + Family for doing that little voice over thing
for the beginning of the intro that y'all saw
and yeah shout out to my twitter followers on twitter
and yeah uh what else
I got a new video Omo Kpop go check it out
and yeah till next time everybody
Keep on bodyrollin
You better subscribe
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


EXO - Monster MV Reaction [AGRESSIVE BODY ROLLING] (歌詞/lyrics)

703 タグ追加 保存
Ji-Soo Yoon 2016 年 9 月 28 日 に公開
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