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I have to add, you're an amazing freestyler, you can just do this.
And you're an amazing beatboxer. This is great!
He's lying. He's lying.
What I said was I'm happy to freestyle if you beatbox.
He said he would freestyle if I beatbox. Ok but show me how, what am I doing.
Ok, just, well... first let's just see, no instruction.
Oh no.
Just from what you've seen. I know you've seen a lot of beatboxing.
I'm sure they were beatboxing onset during those movies. Every young man tries it.
A lot of young people try to do it.
Oh yeah, English school kids, that's what we do all the time.
We just beatbox.
-Um, ok. This is gonna be so bad. -It would be awesome!
Do I cover my mouth?
Yeah, just for my sake. Yeah.
Do I do this just so I don't spit at you?
Yeah, sort of like a spit guard.
This is gonna be so embarrassing.
What am I freestyling about?
Gender equality.
It's international women's day. It's HeForShe. And equality and feminism.
Are you a feminist?
Yeah absolutely.
Love that.
Ok back to this. We can talk in a minute. Ok so what kind of beat do you want, slow or fast?
Whatever you've got.
This is gonna be bad.
This is gonna be amazing.
Yo it's Lin and I have to laugh.
How can we not be equal? We're like half.
Like women are like half of the people on Earth, and yes,
they should have been equal since birth.
That means all day, every day, equal pay, every way.
Okay. Are we really ok? Oh my gosh.
Yo this beatbox is fantastic.
Yo, I'm drastically changing the narrative. Look, you kept going!
And oh my gosh, I love watching this keep flowing.
Holy cow, this is such a meme.
Thank you, this is the beatbox dream team.
I'm so embarrassed right now. I'm literally the color of like a tomato -- I'm so red. That was amazing!
Oh my gosh, thank you for having me.
That was the best ever. Ah, I love you, thank you.
Everyone, go see the play. And no one every ask me to do that again.
These are the lengths that I will go to for gender equality.


Emma Watson Beatbox for Lin-Manuel Miranda Gender Equality Rap

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Tim 2016 年 10 月 28 日 に公開
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