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For the first gadget we got over here: soda dispenser
it says refrigerator
of course keep it cold
when you're ready pour out one glass
I did a terrible job doing this
look how much it fizzed up
use the rim of the glass to fill it up
so in the description it says: pour out one glass
and then you can use this soda dispenser
so we're gonna open this up
stick it in like that and screw it on
don't tighten it too, too much like I just did
so, it said in the description you gotta hold it
here you go
it's dispensing slowly
I'm so confused it doesn't really work that well
so, I read the description a little bit more carefully
It tells you to shake it up
which I'm not a fan of it because you get the soda flat
I don't think that's a good idea.
oh snap! And then is dispensing way too much
wh-what's going on [laughing]
I guess your not supposed to shake up too much
this is like coca-cola water spray bottle
this is cool
look at this
[laughing] this is awesome!
so, don't shake it up too much
you see what happens if you shake it too much
two times
like they said: shake it up two times
and then it just sprays like crazy
pretty cool
you be the judge, do you like this gadget?
for this soda gadget we got here: Can Pump
let's see how it works
take it out
of course we gotta open it
I don't know, do you do this?
do you know on the can to make fizzies away? I don't
let me know if that's actually a good idea or not
so we're gonna open it, let's say we drink some of it
so, let's see how it works
looks like it opens like that
and you're supposed to stick it right on the can
look it fits pretty perfect, pretty cool
so, you can keep it on like that I guess and keep drinking out of that
you know, it fits your mouth pretty good as well
it's not in the way at all
let's say I already drank half a can, I don't want to drink anymore, I want to put it back in the refrigerator
but I cannot close it, it will go flat and it's just a waste
make sure you close it all the way
its double click and it looks pretty tight now on this side and on this side
and it looks really cool too, wow!
so now, let's push all the air in
wow, this is definitely working now
it's getting so hard over here I can't even push all the air out anymore, or in I mean
now, we're going to do a spill test
flip it upside down
does not spill, wow this is awesome!
this is the first time I got this lid for your can that does not spill
thumbs up from me, love it
so when I want to drink it again, I take it out
wow! woohoo!
did you hear all that air pressure? that's awesome!
so again, don't over pressurize it 'cause you're gonna have a cool pop like that
that was so cool
this gadget: my favorite soda gadget
thumbs up from me
for this gadget, in case your fingers are small and weak
like elderly people or young people
sometimes it gets so tight that you cannot get it open
so here's a soda opener
so what you're gonna do is just hold it like this and twist it
wow, definatly makes it super easy
also it has the can opener I mean bottle opener as well
definatly works and only couple dollars
so, worth it
For this gadget, we got fizz saver
you see its a little pump, all you gotta do is screw it back on the soda
let's say you drank half the coca-cola and you gotta put it back in the refrigerator
what will happen: all the fizziness will go back into this empty space
that's why we gotta pump over here, we're gonna pump it up
so that way all this fizziness cannot go into the empty space because it's too much pressure in there
and your soda will stay fresh longer
pretty cool gadget, definatly thumbs up from me
you see how strong this bottle is now
pretty awesome.
for this soda gadget we got a different type of fizz saver and soda dispenser
let's open is and lets check out what it looks like
boom, wow that looks really cool
so we're just gonna screw it on pretty tight
just like this, boom
flip it over
and look at this, this is beautiful
I like this a lot
now we're gonna set this on the side of the table and lets see if it works
ok now let's test it, we're gonna grab it and boom!
it's kind of producing a lot of bubbles
but, you know the flow is pretty good and the bubbles are going away pretty fast as well, so
that's cool, I wish I could control the flow a little better
shake it up a little bit
and boom! look at this
this is cool, this definitely works, I like it
it looks like to make it work you gotta shake it up a little bit
so the pressure isn't over here so it's actually, the flow is a little bit better
look at this
looks like a soda gun
love it!
boom, cheers
For this gadget we got here a rack for the soda cans
pretty cool, let's see if it works
so you put it, boom it slides down, down to the first one
so it's perfect for the refridgerator
so when you take one, boom it will slide down, that way you don't have to reach in to get the next one inside of the box you know?
when you are out, the last one, it's hard to take it out from the box
so thats really cool
so let's do this
pretty awesome
it fits well, straight up, the whole pack
look at this, so if I want to take one out, look, they're all gonna slide down
I want to take another one out, it slides down, wow
this is awesome
It just automatically reloads
I love this
and it's really easy to reload this as well
let's put it in the refrigerator and see how it looks
so, this is how its gonna look like
look you take one out, boom and it resets
you take one out boom it resets
take out it resets
Definitely thumbs up from me for this gadget


6 Soda Gadgets Put to the Test

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