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  • Nigahiga: Hey guys.

  • There's a lot of rumours going around about

  • the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident

  • and I know you're aching toknow what really happened.

  • so, this is how it went down.

  • Rihanna: You look so dumb right now,

  • standing outside my house trying to apologise.

  • You're so ugly when you cry,please just cut it out.

  • Chris: What?

  • Rihanna: And don't tell me you're sorry'cause you're not.

  • chris, I know you're only sorryyou got caught.

  • Chris: What are you talking about?

  • Rihanna: Chris, I know you cheated on me.

  • Chris: How could I have cheated on you?

  • I was *singing* with you, with you,with you, with you, with you, girl.

  • Rihanna: *tsk of disgust*

  • Chris: *singing* With you, with you,with you, with you, with you, the whole time.

  • Rihanna: Don't give me that bullcrap.

  • Chris: What about that one night when

  • you said you were cheating on me?

  • Rihanna: What night?

  • *singing* and i know that he knowsI'm unfaithful and it kills him inside.

  • Chris: What?

  • Rihanna: Oh yeah, that.

  • Chris: *sigh*

  • Rihanna: Well, you know what Chris,

  • it doesn't matter 'cause you ain'tgetting under any of this anymore.

  • Chris: What?

  • Rihanna: I said you ain't getting under this.

  • Chris: Under what?

  • Rihanna: *singing* Under my umbrella.

  • Chris: That's a lamp.

  • Rihanna: So what, you think you'resome kind of umbrella expert now?

  • Chris: God, you're an idiot.

  • Rihanna: You know what, Chris?

  • You can leave.

  • I like Jesse McCartney better anyway.

  • So get in your car and *singing*shut up and drive, drive, drive.

  • Chris: Excuse me?

  • Rihanna: That's right, Chris.

  • I like Jesse McCartney better because he doesn't

  • want just another pretty face orjust anyone to hold.

  • He doesn't want his love to go to waste.

  • Rihanna: He wants me and my beautiful soul.

  • Chris: Oh you did not just say that, girl.

  • I'm gonna...

  • Rihanna: Wait, I, I..

  • I'm sorry, Chris.

  • I didn't mean that!

  • Chris, I'm sorry.

  • Gimme a kiss.

  • Gimme a kiss, I'm sorry, Chris.

  • Chris: Don't gimme that lovey-doveylovey-dovey kiss kiss kiss kiss.

  • I'm gonna grab your face andshove it from wall to wall.

  • I don't care if any of the neighbours call.

  • Rihanna: *whimper*

  • Chris: Then I'm gonna crack a bottle,

  • let my body waddle and shove it in your face

  • 'cause you think you're a model.

  • Rihanna: That's not even your song.

  • Chris: You son of a ...

  • Nigahiga: And that's exactly how it happened.

Nigahiga: Hey guys.


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クリス・ブラウンがリアーナを破った理由 (Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna)

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