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We're going to talk about the all-around performance road
bike, the Tarmac.
This bike does it all, and does it all fast.
We're going to talk about how this bike climbs, how well it
handles, and how it just gets up and goes in the flat out
fastest sprint you could possibly want.
So let's talk about the climbing
ability of the Tarmac.
Now, this bike is insanely light.
This is a sub-900 gram frame in the S-Works, and we were
able to take the stiffness to weight ratio up 19% over the
previous generation, the SL3.
But to pull that off, it's not easy to do, and the engineers
spent an incredible amount of time looking at every fiber,
every bit, every way to construct the frame.
And what we have here is a new way to
build the FACT IS frame.
So the frame is actually constructed in
four separate pieces.
You have your top-tube, head-tube, and most of your
down-tube are really unique.
One piece BB chain-stay, your c-tube, and then your seat
stays in the back.
And when you can build these pieces individually, you can
build them for the weight, the stiffness, exactly what you
need to do, and come out with the best product that's going
to fly up the hills, but also be nice and stiff, exactly
where you need it.
So this is the SL4 frame, super light and stiff.
So the handling on the Tarmac is part of what makes this
bike so much fun to ride, very responsive, very snappy, comes
to life right underneath you, and we're going to get that
from three parts of the bike.
First part is in the front end.
The head-tube angle, this is a pretty traditional style
head-tube angle, steep, agile.
It's going to respond to your inputs.
But if you look closely, you'll notice it's a tapered
head-tube, 1 1/8 to 1 3/8, leading into this big old
beefy fork here.
And that's going to give us a lot of stiffness, a lot of
confidence when you're laying into those corners.
Moving down towards the bottom of the bike, the bottom
bracket is low.
You're going to feel planted in those corners, but it's not
so low that you're going to scrape your petals when you're
peddling through the corners, so a lot of speed, a lot of
And then when we move into the chain-stays, short
chain-stays, going to be responsive, make the bike easy
to accelerate and get up to speed, very good flickable
turning, as well.
So at the end of the ride, it's all about the sprint.
You've got to put this away, put a bow on it, come across
the line in first place.
And the Tarmac is constructed to do that, and there's a few
places that we want to talk about, how we get that done.
The head-tube here, this is a hyperbolic head-tube.
So it's got this interesting shape to it, where there's no
flat edges, and what we're trying to do there is make it
light on the top, but don't allow the carbon fibers to
breathe and flex at all, just make it super stiff and
So when you pulling on the handlebars and really just
trying to get every ounce of power out of the bike, it's
not going to move underneath you.
Going down to this big old beefy down-tube, it's going to
be super stiff, and then into a really unique constructed
one piece bottom bracket chain-stay.
This is where the power transfer is all about.
You want those two pieces together, no interruptions,
big, stiff, light.
Put the power down, Tarmac's going to take
you across the line.
So three things I want to talk about on this Tarmac here that
are super cool.
One is the Roval Repede CLX40 wheels.
Just like the bike, these things are all about being
lightweight, and stiff, and getting up to speed and going.
So, these are 40 millimeter clincher carbon wheels with
sealed ceramic bearings, super nice.
The crankset here, this is our S-Works FACT crankset, very,
very light and stiff, crazy light and stiff, also really
cool that it comes with standard gearing.
That's 53/39, but if that's not your style of gearing, you
want to change it out, great, no problem.
It has a removal spider.
You can put whatever gearing on there's
going to make you happiest.
And the last piece-- the one that's going to take us home--
is the Body Geometry saddle.
Doesn't matter how fast or slow you're going, you got to
stay comfortable on the bike, you got to keep blood flowing
where it needs to be flowing.
That Body Geometry saddle is going to do exactly that.
So that's the Tarmac, the all-around performance race
bike, one of my favorite bikes to ride the whole wide world.


オールラウンドパフォーマンスバイクTarmac について話そう(Shop Talk: Specialized Tarmac Up Close)

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