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  • No matter where you're from!

  • This ship is your body!

  • That drum is your heartbeat!

  • And your God is the Glory of Rome!

  • Brace for impact!!!

  • How long were you a slave?

  • Five years.

  • What is your name?

  • Ben-Hur.

  • My family was one of the most respected in Jerusalem.

  • Welcome home.

  • Please! I need you to tell me who Rome's enemies are!

  • Messala, I won't name names.

  • Until we were betrayed.

  • By my own brother.

  • Messala!

  • You know we've done nothing wrong!

  • Rome's calling for blood.

  • - Crucify them. - NOOOO!!!

  • The world you live in is Rome's.

  • Their laws.

  • Their power.

  • I won't let Messala go unpunished for what he's done to us.

  • Our mother and sister.

  • Was it a quick death?!

  • Coward!

  • My family, they deserve justice for what's happened to them.

  • There is a way.

  • In the arena...

  • there is no law.

  • Racing is a blood sport.

  • If you lose...

  • you die.

  • But your brother is the pride of Rome.

  • Defeat him, and you'll defeat an Empire.

  • Then you will have your vengeance.

  • You have a voice. People would follow you. I would follow you.

  • Go! Go! Go!

  • Should've stayed away.

  • You should've killed me.

  • I will.

  • Remember...

  • first to finish

  • last to die.

  • Come on!

  • Are we having fun now, brother?!

  • Stand and fight!

  • Stand up, now!

No matter where you're from!


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ベン・ハー予告編2016+予告編レビュー (Ben-Hur Trailer 2016 + Trailer Review)

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