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Now imagine if James Corden, The Host of the “Late Late Show”
had decided to turn his Los Angeles Home into a hotel. Now,
it sounds kind of bizarre, but he did just that and it’s been
an absolute disaster.
So he’s called me down to check it out.
(Cheers and Applause)
-- .
This is easily the best idea I have ever had, you know.
You’ve got Airbnb, you’ve got hotels.
But what’s between them, HOME-TELS.
That’s where HOME-TEL CORDEN as a brand is going to take the world by storm.
James: Welcome to HOME-TEL CORDEN
Every Guest gets a hug.
May the weary traveler rest.
Now the work begins.
Follow me to guest reception.
Welcome to guest reception.
Checking in?
May I have your name, please?
Gordon Ramsay.
James: Are you-- How are you spelling that?
James: Got it, found it, there you are! Staying in the Corden Suite, the finest suite in the house.
Isn’t it?
This is to scale, all of this.
Let’s get you settled in. Follow me.
I think Gordon will -- It’s not that he will find problems.
He will see creases that can be easily ironed out.
James, what in the hell is this.
James: Ah, you noticed it.
How do you miss it? - This is the world famous cardboard karaoke.
Seat yourself in, go on, I know you want to.
I want to get to my room.
James: Yea, you want to get behind there, go on, get in there, this is it.
Look at that, a dream achieved.
You are supposed to be a hotelier.
James: Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh, Like-- ♪ ♪
Thank you for helping me get to work and you say.
[Bleep] Off.
This is crazy, I mean, I’ve never seen a reception like it anywhere in the world.
For me, I just want to get to the room.
But this guy, this guy is a joke.
James: We could leave it there.
James: There it is, the James Corden Suite.
Oh my god. Are you se-
James: That is exactly the reaction that everybody has.
Everything’s here.
The bed, the sheets, this is very much where the magic happens, You know what I am talking about.
- In this bed? - This is where masturbate.
James: Snacks, movies, reading materials.
James: Really make yourself at home because I know I feel at home when I’m in here.
All right?
This is so [Bleep] creepy.
I am gonna have to say something to him.
The guy is deluded.
Face everywhere.
I mean the guy is just, obsessed.
All of these, "Into The Woods", was he only in one movie?
It’s not even Halloween and he’s got his face on pumpkin.
Oh please. Cordon Condoms?
All new ventures have stumbling blocks and hurdles.
You know, was Rome built in a day, no?
Was Rome built in two days?
Was Rome built in three days, No.
Was Rome built in four days, no, was Rome built in five days, no.
Was Rome built in 63 days, absolutely not.
Was Rome built in 64 days.
No. And that’s how long we have been open.
Ah, [Bleep]
Just wondering do you have any food allergies.
I’m in the shower.
This is not normal. No, no!
No [Bleep] food allergies.
James: I will see you at dinner.
I would be lying if I would say I’m not a little nervous
about cooking a meal for, you know, one of the world’s greatest chefs.
I mean he’s got Michelin Stars for days, what am I other than the nation’s sweetheart.
There you are, dinner is served.
Gordon: [Bleep] James: Kale Salad, cucumber
And after dessert banana boat fri-- fricassee.
Are you serious?
James: I think it’s going incredibly well.
I don’t think he is very hungry, so that is a big thing.
But I think he’s having a great time.
And there is one more HOME-TEL experience that I think is gonna blow his mind.
Hi, everybody.
Thanks for being here.
Do you know the show?
♪ This is how we do it.
♪ The drinks are free.
♪ I’m sunshine.
♪ There’s enough of -- ♪♪
Bitch better have my money.
How many mother-in-laws does it take to ruin a marriage.
I’ll never get it back.
[BLEEP] I’ll never get it back.
Gordon: The jokes are terrible, the food is terrible.
And I think he’s insane.
He seriously thinks he [Bleep] can sing. Listen to it.
[Bleep] Nut job.
James: The circle of life.
We just got time for one more song.
No, no, no, stop.
I’m done.
No, no, no, more.
You asked me here to find out what the problems are.
Food [Bleep], music [Bleep], and you’re just terrible at it.
I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, he seemed to have an outburst.
I don’t know what your problem is.
The problem, you, and you only.
James: I don’t know what to do, my wife won’t -- my wife -- my
kids are embarrassed.
I am -- I can’t, I can’t.
Stop everything.
I’m sick, I’m sick.
Sick of the sight of my own face, Gordon!
You’ve got to understand, I put everything into this.
I put everything into this.
And I don’t -- I’ve got one idea that can help fix this place.
(Laughter) Gordon, you can’t do this to me.
This is my house.
(Cheers and Applause)
James: A huge thanks to Gordon Ramsay, what a sport.
It’s absolutely brilliant.
You don’t want to miss it.



【レイトレイトショー】史上最悪のホテル、大人気な3つ星シェフの怒りが爆発!(Hotel Hell: Gordon Ramsay Visits James Corden's B&B)

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