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Hey guys, it's Wengie here. Today I'm doing part two of my diet journey
And today I'll be talking about sort of the experiences I've went through while I was on a diet
And basically talk through how I kind of went about going on my diet
To give you guys a bit of background of how much weight I lost, I lost 7 kg over the period of 3 months
So I'll be talking about how I did that
Keep in mind I'm not a diet expert, I'm not a dietitian, I'm not here to give you any official medical or health advise
I'm just, pretty much, sharing with you guys my diet story so definitely take it as that
For those of you guys that didn't get to watch part one, I've linked it down below
That was pretty much talking through my diet story
Pretty much what I weight through my life from when I was kind of like a baby, through primary school, high school
So check that out I've you haven't seen it already, I encourage you guys to watch that first
So to give you guys a bit of background about why I started wanting to go on a diet and to lose weight
It was pretty much because I suddenly realise I gained a lot of weight
And you know, I was in a period of my life where I didn't really weight myself regularly
If you watch part one of my story you've realise I have a pretty fast metabolism
I've never had any major issues with my weight, I've always been kind of underweight or on the skinny side
Typically, because I was born that way, is my genes
And also I have a really small bone structure which makes me weight less as well
As you get older, is actually harder to, I guess, eat at the same rate
Now, for those of you guys that actually have a fast metabolism
You'll be lucky enough to experience the fact that you could pretty much eat whatever you want
Junk food, you can overeat all the time and still remain stick skinny
Now, that was the case for me but suddenly, you know, without my knowledge, I suddenly out on a lot of pounds
And because you're kind of looking yourself every day you don't really realise the weight you've put on
You just kind of feel the same and it wasn't until I kind of saw myself
You know, like when you look at photos, or videos, or things and you look at yourself
You look at it more objectively than you do every day in the mirror. I'm not sure why that is
But then I realised I've put on a lot of weight, I step on the scales that haven't step on a lot of time
And I realised I'd put on like 7 kg since my natural weight
And when I refer to natural weight I'm just referring to how much you weight when you eat healthy
And you eat the right proportions for your body, so not really putting a BMI sort of average on your weight
And I feel like it's really important to know what your natural weight is
And for those of you guys that are keen on the medical stand of your BMI
I don't actually feel that it always applicable to everyone
I know people that were born underweight
And they pretty much spend their whole life trying to fit into that BMI stand
And it was basically impossible for them because they never put on weight, no matter what they did
They went to the doctors and they couldn't help them
So I think it's really important to know what your baseline weight is
When you eat healthy, you eat the right proportion, you do a regular amount of exercise
And you don't over or under eat and my weight at that time was 42 kg
And yeah, I pretty much blew up, mainly because I ate a lot more than I should have
I pretty much ate an extra meal at about 12 am every night
In addition, I always had like chips in the house and I would always have like chips and dip it in avocado
Like really late at night, as an extra meal. That was definitely overeating and not eating right
I would drink a lot of sugary drinks, like soft drinks as well and I hadn't actually done that for a long time
I had been relatively healthy but I sort of moved in with my boyfriend at the time
And I think that when you live with someone their, sort of, dietary habits really rub off on you
And he was able to eat everything and still remain skinny because he still had a really great metabolism
I didn't. I ate the same and then I definitely gained a lot of weight from that
When I started dieting, it was the hardest thing ever
Those of you guys that are looking to go on a diet and have never been or never been able to stick to it
I think it's one of those things where we kind of all know what to do
Like there is a ton of information about how to go on a diet, there's, you know, lots of articles online
I don't think that's the hard part, knowing how to diet, I feel it's not the difficult part
The hardest part about going on a diet, especially for me that had never had to look after what they ate
Was pretty much the self-control I had to have to stick to, you know, the regular meals and the calorie intake
That I was supposed to have while losing weight
That was so hard because I was the kind of person that was like: I feel like eating you know, chips right now
I'm going to go eat it, or I'm craving KFC and I'm just going to go have it right now
I've never really had to limit myself through my whole entire life
So that was like the hardest part for me, being able to curb those craving for junk food
And what I regularly ate as a habit and then making sure I ate health instead
And actually, healthy food, when you start going on a diet, healthy food taste so bland
I mean, if your used to eating high sugar, high sodium meals like snacks, or KFC, or junk food
You'll realise that eating healthy is going to be really, really different for you
Also I cut a lot of carbs out of my diet
Because carbs were kind of one of those empty calorie things that I could've eaten something nutritious instead
And it's much easier to stick to a limited calorie intake while eating a lot of veggies
And getting your nutrients that way than filling it up with empty carbs like white rice
And I think, yeah, for those of you guys all going on diet, that's going to be the hardest thing you'll ever experience
And that's what I experienced, especially when I was in a habit of eating at like 12 am
I was about to go to bed and always loved to eat before I slept and that's so bad for you
But every time like I craved it, it was really hard to hold back and not eat
I started of basically replacing what I ate
So instead of eating chips and avocado I try and eat like a salad or a chicken salad instead
So I didn't really go cold turkey and not eat at all because that would have been way too hard for me
Because it was just like a habit that I had
So I started doing this "swap it, don't stop it thing"
Which is a really good idea if you don't really have self-control to go on a diet either
It's just swapping slowly the things that you used to have for a healthier version
And I've been kind of just doing that consistently over time
If you pretty much swap all the unhealthy things and the high calorie things in your diet
Over time you'll start to be able to stick to a much lower calorie intake
Without really feeling like you're missing out
There were two major things that I used while I was going on a diet that really, really helped me
One, was "My Fitness Pal"; and if you watch my other diet videos I highly recommend going on it
And even for research purposes
The reason why is it pretty much calculates a healthy calorie intake for you, for your weight loss goal
So it does that for you as soon you sign on, you tell them your height, your weight
And they'll tell you how many calories you need to eat per day to get to your goal
I don't condone drastic weight loss methods either so they pick a healthy sort of calorie intake for you too
And give you expectations that it will take, you know, a certain amount of months before you reach that goal weight
I feel like crash diets are really bad way to go because you're going to gain it really, really quickly afterwards
Changing your overall eating habits will be a way to stick to your new ideal weight as well
So crash diets and fat diets, to me, aren't really, something I liked to use
Or something I actually even considered while losing weight
What I learned from My Fitness pal was basically how many calories all the food I ate was
That's really, really, important if you want to go on a diet
It's really just to get the knowledge about what you're putting into your body
And you'll be like super surprised at the amount of calories some things you eat
It really, it feels insignificant when you eat it
But the amount of calories is simply crazy compared to maybe like a healthy alternative
So one example I really love to share it's pretty much you can have 11 doritos chips
Or you can pretty much have an egg, a fried egg on toast combination if you do it healthy
That's kind of like the same calories but you get a lot more for with the egg on toast than with 11 doritos chips
So you can see that without knowing how much calories you're eating
You can actually overeat in terms of calories without even knowing and still feel hungry at the end of the day
The first thing I did when I was dieting was learn how much calories each, you know, food item has
Until this day, I pretty much learned so much that I can just look at something now
I kind of guesstimate the amount of calories in that particular meal
You also find the importance of serving sizes
You realise that in most western countries serving sizes are way too big for you, especially if you're of a small build
Like if you think about it they serve the same serving size to men and women
Even though women have a much lower calorie intake than men do
And that's just something that you need to know and be aware of
So don't eat everything that you're given, just know how much you're supposed to eat
Eat that much and take it away; you can turn one meal into two meals and save a lot of money at the same time
And yeah, those are the kind of things that I started learning
And the other thing that I really used a lot was a diet tea that I heard was really good
So I just ordered it of the internet. It was called Lou, Lou long tea, I think
But anyways, it was endorsed by Oprah and diet tea and I pretty much drank that religiously
And normal tea can actually reduce the amount of calories you have by like 70 per meal
Just because it increases your metabolism and it does good thing to your body
Keep in mind that there are a lot of comments as well
You guys also mentioned that tea can reduce the amount of iron that your body absorbs
So be careful not to use this method for a long period of time or take iron supplements while you're doing it
But I basically did this for three to six months
And you'll find that when you drink it actually makes you flush things out of your system
So be prepared to go to the toilet a lot, this is one side effect of drinking the tea regularly, like 3 times a day
You'll find that you'll be going to the toilet a lot more and flushing all the food out of your body
And you might be quite runny as well while you're doing it, so that's not really the best image I can give to you
And I wouldn't actually use this tea that frequently for a long period of time
I think it's a good thing to use initially to get the ball rolling, getting some momentum with your weight loss
I definitely don't drink this tea that regularly anymore
While I was trying to reach my goal weight I pretty much used it religiously
And I guess when you flush the food out of your system quickly
Like you'll feel lighter and you'll feel like much slimmer
Anyways as a side effect I think it might be good if you're going to an event
And you want to, you know, slim out for that event
But yeah, not a long-term solution, definitely works as a short-term solution
So that's something else I did while I went on a diet
In terms of the actual diet, in three months I actually lost all the weight
And I got to my goal weight of 42 again and I was really, really excited about that
And you'll find that during the diet process it'll be hard
Because, one you won't notice any, like weight loss
I think that weight loss it's so subtle that it takes a period of time for you to realise
But while you're in the zone of losing weight you won't realise you're losing weight
So it might feel hard because you have to change all these life style habits that you had
And were comfortable with and that made you happy
But you don't notice anything different about your body for a while
So that's something that I went through that I thought was really hard
And you guys might experience it as well in terms of going on a diet
The other thing you realise it's sometimes you can't actually be like a normal social person with friends
Because I became really, really obsessed with losing weight
And people don't want to hear, you know, all this weight loss talk from someone that they think looked skinny
So that's one thing that you'll get as well
You might feel, I guess, socially awkward
The second thing is eating out is not going to be good for you during this time when you want to lose weight
When I was losing weight I never ate out, I made all my meals, I bought my meals to work
If I ate out I would only limit it to once per week
Because when you eat out you realise you don't know what they put in the food
Like it could just take one tablespoon of oil extra in your meal to throw you off your calorie count
And you don't know when you got to a restaurant, you don't know what they put in it
You don't know how much sugar they put in it
So it's actually really, really scary to eat out when you're trying to go on a diet and lose weight
And you'll find that when your friends invite you out it's going to be very difficult for you to go and eat the same amount
They might look at you funny. I basically had not much of a social life for a while
Because or I avoided situations where we ate as social thing
But I started switching everything to coffees instead of dinner or lunch
Because then I could just have a coffee and not really have to eat a meal outside
So that was a bit difficult for me as well
Made you feel really socially awkward during that period of time, if you really want to stick to your diet
And I think that's something that I realised about dieting, made me a lot more self disciplined
And you have to give up a lot of things that you're comfortable with to pretty much, get to your goal
And I think that's with any goal
If you want to do something, I think you will have to be willing to give up some things in the process
And I think a few of things that will help, is to let your friends know ahead of time why you're being antisocial
Or that you can't eat out with them
Those kind of things help and let them knowing them makes them prepared for what you're doing
Same with your parents
You might find that the meals that your parents cook may be actually really high in calories
And not good for you and we can't choose what our family cooks
Luckily my family cooked really, really healthy
It's just that it was a problem when I actually cooked myself for myself
My meals became really unhealthy because I went for whatever was fast, efficient and easy
Yeah, so it will mean you have to learn cooking skills as well; I learned to cook a lot of low-calorie things
I started changing kind of the ingredients I used; I put all the oil into little spray cans
I use less, I just carve it, I started using nonstick pans more so I didn't have to use as much oil
I replaced the kind of sugar I used and slowly you'll slowly like change your ingredients
I made it easy for myself, I stuck to a few ingredients that I knew where healthy and low in calories
And I just found different ways to eat them during the week and I made things easy
So my pic was tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, lean meat
Turkey was a really low calorie meat as well, so I used a lot of turkey and turkey mince
And just different ways of cooking, oh also broccoli was a really good and healthy, low-calorie thing to eat
And really clear mung bean noodle that was made from beans, I guess
So it wasn't really like carbs and was a lot less calories than having rice or anything
So I just replaced what I ate and just ate monotonous meals with the same ingredients for three months
But it really helped me stick to my diet and it made things easier when I was cooking and things like that
So you asked kind of what I wanted to talk about today
With regards to my diet experience and the things I kind of learned
If you're looking for more like actual information and tips
I've linked all the all the resources I've created in the description box below
I've got a blog post that details 10 different methods that I used while I was dieting
And I have some other more detailed videos that goes into specifics about my actual diet
But this is pretty much the journey I went through
At the end of the three months it will all be worth it
Changing your habits, eating differently, being a social outcast, learning self discipline
Changing the way you look at food and even the way you enjoy food
Soon you'll realise that unhealthy food will taste disgusting and you can't eat it anymore
That means you're on the right track, and you're getting healthy habits and you're on your way
So yeah, after, you know, the three months or however long it takes for you to get to your goal way
It will all be worth it, it will be hard during the process, trust me, and it will be very uncomfortable
But if you're determined to do it, do it!
And I only recommend you do it if it's your natural and healthy weight
Don't try and go underweight; your body will retaliate and tell you -no, you're too skinny-
And it will try and hold on to all the calories and maybe you end up putting on weight although
And I highly recommend, if you're unsure about what your natural or healthy weight is
Go see a doctor and get some medical advice
I think this is definitely a very personal thing between you and of course, your doctor as well
And make sure you get some sound advice before doing any drastic weight loss
And I encourage you guys to ask me any questions you want me to answer as well, that I haven't covered
I have so much to say but I don't really want to put it all in one video and make it super long
So yeah, use the comment section to ask me any particular, specific questions that you have
In the future I'll probably do a FAQ video as well and answer your questions
Thanks so much for watching this video guys, I really enjoyed sharing the diet journey with you
Remember that self discipline is key to this whole process and it's very hard as well
And I wish you guys the best of luck in developing your healthy eating habits
It's so important and something that you will be thankful for the rest of your life
Remember to thumb up this video if you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys next time


My Diet Experience Story | Being Socially Awkward & Runny Poop | Wengie | Lifestyle Point

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