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Here we will learn true facts about the angler fish.
The female angler fish comes in many shapes, colors and shades.
Of ugly.
It's like a rainbow
of ugly.
The male angler fish is tiny by comparison.
Like a tiny a little baby.
He attaches himself to the female by biting her and then digesting part of his face so he fuses with her flesh.
He then atrophies, losing his digestive organs, brain, heart and eyes and winds up nothing more than a pair of gonads
which release sperm when needed.
Hey there, pretty lady, nice gonads!
To the female angler fish, the human male is a very loud, annoying, and unnecessarily complicated pair of gonads.
The angler fish is a master of disguise.
Hiding itself among the sand and rocks of the ocean floor
Here, an angler fish compares its camouflaging skills with that of a flounder, also a master
holy crap! Did you see--? What the f--?!
To hunt the angler fish waves things in front of its mouth that its prey is attracted to.
Here the angler fish waves a lovely pashmina shawl, just the size for an unsuspecting shrimp.
Here another one presents a lovely pair of leggings.
And here, a decorative hat feather.
Sadly, the shrimps and their vanity pay the ultimate price.
The deep sea angler fish collects glowy glowy bacteria in its wavy thing to create a tiny little light.
Because its dark as hell down there
and someone needs to light up that pretty, pretty lady.
Oh, oh, that was so gross. Angler!
Ohhhh! [laughter]


True Facts About The Angler Fish

4700 タグ追加 保存
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