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I like your blonde hair
Thanks, Jimmy.
Is that for a thing or just 'cause you like it?
Yeah like for the first time ever.
I changed my hair for not a role 'cause I had a little bit of time off and I was like I'm gonna scrape my knees and possibly get a bunch more tattoos and like shave my head.
And I settled on lesser forms of all of that
Did you get a new tattoo?
I did.
Yes, let's talk about it
You don't have to, I mean
do you want to show it to me?
I won't tell anybody
it's a Pikachu
That's very hot right now
It's very... it's very in right now
Yeah, absolutely.
That's like a bunch of words. I don't have to read it. It's personal.
No I was being, I wasn't even, I don't know why it came out like that,
What's wrong with me
No, it says "one more time with feeling"
it kinda like
I love that for everything
you know, my job, that makes sense
'cause it's like a classic thing the director say to the actors
in addition to that, it's like
you can always try again with anything you do
you know what I'm saying
Everyone just take that and feel great
Thank you, I like it
"one more time with feeling"
yeah, with gusto baby
I like that
I saw a picture of you
with the blonde hair
You honored Jodie Foster
which is amazing on that Walk of Fame
that surprises me that she hasn't had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
She's Jodie Foster
I know
That's so rad. That's so cool
and you've known her for a long time
Panic Room?
Yeah, I'm super lucky
like most actresses definitely are not as kind and sort of like, normal, you know
and so like at ten I was like
that's it!
right there
What do you remember from working with her when you were ten?
She threw me a birthday party
at one point, which is really nice
like she was really keen on keeping me
aware of the fact I wasn't
I was still like
that I could do
it sounds like I'm not normal
this is crazy
but like you know like
she's really nice
she got me a mariachi band
she got you a mariachi band ?
she's the best, what do you mean?
she's the funnest person ever
play just for happy birthday time?
yeah she's like, everyone we're gonna go two hours late tonight
because of the kid
so we're gonna give her a birthday party
but that stuff matters to her which like says a lot of about her.
She was on the show and we were trying to get her to tell us a story or something embarrassing about you.
'Cause we knew you were coming
Like give us something we can, and she couldn't think of anything
she was just "she was the best"
so much fun
so ambitious
and she said something like you tell her you wanna be a director, you're gonna be the youngest director
yeah silly
No! It's not silly
I want you to be the youngest director
I didn't do it.
it's OK
it doesn't matter
But you are directing something, are you directing something?
I met up with her recently
to do the Walk of Fame thing
It'd been a couple years since I'd seen her
so it's nice we can reconnect
but the timing worked out 'cause I could be like
I didn't have to see you
and tell you I was dragging rear
I can tell you that I am actually doing this like now
and she was like..
Well, the first thing that you should know is that you don't have much to learn
so I felt so much more confident.
Ok 'cause I feel nervous
she was like
she didn't say dude
but she was like "you've got this"
she was like
You tell me this story. It's fine
I got it
she's like the first thing you're gonna learn
is that you've got it
and so I was like
thank you, but anyway
Hearing that from Jodie Foster is the coolest



【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】クリステン・スチュワート初めて自分のために髪の色を変える Kristen Stewart Changed Her Hair for Herself for the First Time in Years

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