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And another thing probably Conan doesn't know is I have my own slot machine.
I'm sure you knew I have my own slot machine, he doesn't.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> But anyway,
a lot of people's favorite part is the Wheel of Riches.
And now you can play the Wheel of Riches right on your phone in
the Double Down Casino.
And you can download it on the app store or Google Play and you get one spin a day.
So I thought we should play with a couple of people here, Wheel of Riches and
if your names are in the RP come on down.
So we're going to play you get a spin and if you land on the audience gift and
a spin, you obviously, the audience gets a gift and you get another spin.
>> [NOISE]
>> You got $1,000!
>> [NOISE] [APPLAUSE] >> All right.
>> [APPLAUSE] [NOISE] >> I know, I know.
There's also, I think, yeah, there's $5000 on there.
So you can, but they're all bummed out because-
>> [LAUGH]
>> They don't even care that she got 1000.
All right let's see what you got.
All right.
>> [SOUND]
>> [SOUND]
>> Let's see what you have.
>> You don't know you got those, she's just showing them to you.
>> [LAUGH] >> What are they, Chutney?
>> Well they're $350 Bvlgari Sunglasses.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Bvlgari
has designed luxurious jewelry, watches and perfume for over 130 years.
Their new eyewear comes in a variety of styles from chic to glamorous to trend
>> All right.
So here you go.
[APPLAUSE] >> Put those on.
>> Thank you.
>> You have one more spin.
All right.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wow.
Quite a spin.
That is quite a spin.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> All right.
[APPLAUSE] [NOISE] >> $5,000.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> My God.
>> You wanna win?
Download the Double Down Casino today.
We'll be back.


Ellen's Wheel of Riches

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李易城 2016 年 8 月 7 日 に公開
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