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  • Welcome to world in 60 seconds with First FT.

  • Formal talks of the UK's exit from EU may not begin until autumn 2017 or later, according to senior officials in Brussels and London.

  • Delays due to complexity of negotiations and the spate of European elections

  • would mean continued uncertainty for business over the future UK-EU relations.

  • The Turkish authorities have urged countries in central Asia and Africa to close institutions funded by Fethullahllen.

  • The US-based cleric who President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for the failed coup.

  • And taxi app Uber has given up its battle for control of China's car-hailing market.

  • It is a great sell out operation in the country to Chinese rival Didi Chuxing in exchange for 20 percent stake in Didi.

  • The Chinese company would invest one billion dollars in the equity stake in Uber global business.

Welcome to world in 60 seconds with First FT.


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Brexit交渉遅延、トルコ弾圧|FirstFT (Brexit negotiations delayed, Turkey crackdown | FirstFT)

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