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  • Ancient Egyptians believed the burial tomb should contain everything needed for the afterlife,

  • so Kings were buried with gold, food, beer, weapons, even pets! But what about Ladies

  • of the Court? Where they at, tho?

  • One of the most famous Pharaohs of Egypt was (and is) King Tut. But Tutankhamun's mother,

  • Nefertiti is a far more intriguing political and cultural figure to Egyptologists. She

  • is legendary for her beauty, but also because she, and her husband Akhenaten, turned Egypt

  • toward the cult of Aten the Sun God and away from polytheism.

  • Nefertiti died before Tut, and no one knew where she was buried (though they've been

  • looking for decades) and technology may have finally revealed Nefertiti was hiding in plain

  • sight this whole time! In a paper titled "The Burial of Nefertiti?" Lead researcher Nicholas

  • Reeves writes that he believes Nefertiti is buried IN TUT'S TOMB. Or more accurately,

  • Tut was buried in Nefertiti's. He believes there is a secret chamber behind an elaborately

  • painted wall in Tut's burial chamber which houses the legendary Queen.

  • Tut's tomb is highly trafficked by tourists, so to protect the original from human destruction,

  • a Spanish company took high-resolution photos of the hieroglyphs and paintings and created

  • a reconstruction. Looking at those photos, Reeves discovered fissures in the wall which

  • might hide secret doors. Obviously, they couldn't go in and break down the walls, so instead,

  • the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities scanned the room with infrared thermography. Essentially,

  • scientists and engineers measured the surface temperatures of the walls with infrared cameras;

  • two sections of the walls were cooler, meaning there is space behind them! Reeves believes

  • one is a storeroom, and the other -- NEFERTITI'S LOST BURIAL CHAMBER.

  • More research is needed before they can determine if Nefertiti's Tomb is back there, or if they'll

  • cut into the wall to find her, but wow. This could be huge. I love the idea that technology

  • is making archaeologists drool. In a "Scan Pyramids" joint effort by Cairo University,

  • the University of Laval in Quebec and Nagoya University in Japan, researchers pointed these

  • infrared thermography scanners at the Great Pyramid at Giza; and after only two weeks

  • may have found ANOTHER undiscovered tomb! While normally, variation in external stone

  • temperatures are only about point-1 to point-5 degrees, in one area the stones were SIX degrees

  • different. The researchers think they can use lasers, drones and infrared scanners to

  • get a picture of the internal structure of the pyramid without drilling and destroying

  • part of the historical building.

  • Advances in technology help archaeologists gather information about ancient and fragile

  • artifacts without destructively manipulating them by cutting them open or moving ancient

  • bones. The lasers they mention are probably LIDAR -- or Light Detection and Ranging tech.

  • Using laserlight, archaeologists can get super-accurate measurements of historical sites, which let

  • them create 3-D models. These computer models can reveal details about construction, building

  • techniques, especially sensitive bits, or areas for further exploration.

  • Drones and robots can also help get scans or images from hard-to-reach places; back

  • in the 90s, a tiny crawling robot was sent into a tiny, undisturbed burial chamber in

  • the Great Pyramid.

  • Even satellites are put to work in the hunt for our history. 400 miles (644km) above the

  • Nile's shores, infrared satellite pictures revealed 17 buried pyramids, 3,000 settlements,

  • and 1,000 tombs across Egypt. This took many hundreds of hours of trial and error, but

  • newer techniques are looking at AI systems to find these settlementsThough there's

  • no substitute for getting in there with a brush, magnifying glass and phalanges; archaeologists

  • are finding technology to be a powerful ally. I love this stuff.

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  • What's your favorite story from world history? King Tut? The sacking of Carthage by Rome?

  • The Huns in China? How about the history of ancient alcohol? We've got that last one for

  • yousome scientists made wine using this ancient recipe and they tasted itWant

  • to know what it tasted like? Watch this oldie but a goodie!

Ancient Egyptians believed the burial tomb should contain everything needed for the afterlife,


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