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  • Jon: You've probably heard the word "holy" before


  • or at least sang it in a church song once or twice.


  • And for most people, this idea is really just connected to being a morally good person...

    普通は道徳的に良い人を 連想する言葉だと思う…

  • SoGod is 'holy' because he's morally perfect.

    つまり【神】は道徳的に完全だから 「聖なる方」だ。

  • Tim: Yeah, that is part of it...


  • but in the Bible the idea of 'holiness' is even bigger and more rich.


  • What it's really describing is how God is the creative force behind the whole universe.

    この言葉は【神】が 全世界の創造者だと表現してる。

  • He's the one and only being with the power to make a world full of such beauty and life.

    美しく、命あふれた世界を創ることができる 力ある方は【神】だけだ。

  • And so all these abilities they may God utterly unique, which is the meaning of the word 'holy'.

    この力は【神】にしかなく それを表すのが「聖なる」なんだ。

  • A helpful way to think about God's holiness is by using the sun as a metaphor.

    「聖なる【神】」について考えるとき 太陽に例えると分かりやすい。

  • The sun is unique, at least within our solar system,

    太陽はユニークだ。 少なくとも太陽系の中ではね。

  • And its really powerful. Its the source of all this beautiful life on our planet.

    それに、とてもパワフルだ。 全地球上の美しい命の源だ。

  • And so you could say that the sun is 'holy'.


  • And you can actually take this metaphor even further


  • in that the whole area around the sun is also 'holy'.


  • Jon: Yeah because the closer you get to the sun the more intense it gets.

    ジョン:うん、近づけばそれだけ 太陽の強烈さが増すよね。

  • Tim: yeah, exactly. So that very power and goodness that generates all this life is also dangerous.

    ティム:その通り。全ての命を生み出す力は 良いものであると同時に危険だ。

  • I mean the sun, if you get too close, will annihilate you.

    太陽も近くに行き過ぎると 死にかねないね。

  • And in the same way there's this paradox at the heart of God's own holiness

    同じパラドックスが 【神】自身の聖さにも言える。

  • because if you're impure his presence is dangerous to you

    もし、君が聖くないなら 「聖なる【神】」の 臨在は危険だ。

  • and not because it's bad, but because its so good.

    君が悪いからではなく その聖さがとても「良い」からだ。

  • And so the first time we see this paradox of God's holiness, it's in the story of Moses and the burning bush.

    最初に「聖なる【神】」のパラドックスが 登場するのがモーセと燃える柴の話だ。

  • Jon: So God tells Moses to take off his sandals because he's standing on holy ground.

    ジョン:【神】はモーセに彼が立つ場所は 聖なる場所だから履物を脱げと命じる。

  • And Moses covers his face in fear and God says


  • "hey don't come any closer". Its intense. likely that intensity of God's holiness


  • Tim: It's actually that intensity of God's holiness that's explored even more in the stories of Israel's temple

    ティム:「聖なる【神】」の強力さは 神殿の話を読むとよくわかる。

  • which was the main place where God's holy presence was located


  • and at the center the temple was this room called the Most Holy Place

    神殿の中央には「至聖所」と 呼ばれる場所があって

  • it's the hotspot of God's presence.


  • and whether you're an Israelite living in the land around the temple

    君がイスラエル人で 神殿の周りに住んでいても

  • or a priest working right in the temple, you are in proximity to God's holy presence.

    神殿の中で働いている祭司でも 「聖なる【神】」の近くにいることになる。

  • which is dangerous.


  • Jon: Yeah, this is a problem. So how is it supposed to work?

    ジョン:それは問題だね。 どうすればいい?

  • Tim: Well in the Bible the solution is that you need to become "pure".

    ティム:聖書が語る解決法は 君が「清く」なることだ。

  • Jon: So like being Morally Pure?


  • Tim: Yeah, and that's easy enough to understand...


  • ...but the Bible spends a lot of time talking about another kind of purity

    …でも聖書は別の種類の清さについて 詳しく語ってる。

  • being Ritually Pure


  • which is a state where you separate yourself from anything related to death

    それは死に関係するものから 離れている状態のことだ。

  • like touching things like diseased skin, or dead bodies, or even certain bodily fluids.

    皮膚病患者、死人、ある種類の 体液などに触るのもダメ。

  • all these make you impure.


  • And becoming ritually impure isn't necessarily sinful.


  • What's wrong is waltzing into God's presence when you're in an impure state.

    いけないのは、汚れた状態で 【神】の御前に行くことだ。

  • And so that's why God gave the Israelites very clear instructions for knowing when they were impure...

    だから【神】はイスラエル人に 汚れた状態が何かを細かく示し…

  • steps to become pure, so that they could go into the temple again.

    清くなる方法も伝え、人々が汚れても また神殿に入れるようにした。

  • Jon: So that's what the book of Leviticus is about.


  • Tim: Right. But it doesn't stop there. This idea keeps developing

    ティム:そう。でもそこで終わらない。 この概念はさらに発展するんだ。

  • So later in the scriptures we find this really interesting story by a prophet named Isaiah.


  • And he has this crazy vision where he's in the temple


  • and he's right in God's presence. He's totally terrified.

    【神】の臨在がそこにあり 彼は恐れおののく。

  • Jon: Yeah. He knows the rules. He shouldn't even be in there.

    ジョン:彼はルールを知ってるのさ。 そこにいるべきではないんだ。

  • And he's worried about being destroyed.


  • Tim: And then this crazy creature called a Seraphim.

    ティム:そこにセラフィムという 生き物が出てくる。

  • Jon: Yeah, that is a crazy creature.


  • Tim: Totally. So it flies over with a hot coal.

    ティム:うん。そいつが熱い 炭を持って飛んでくる。

  • And then it sears Isaiah's lips with the coal and says something really weird...

    そして、その炭でイザヤの口に触れて 奇妙なことを言うんだ...

  • "Your guilt is taken away and your sin is atoned for."


  • Jon: So this burning coal somehow makes Isaiah pure.

    ジョン:燃えている炭が なぜかイザヤを清くしたんだね。

  • Tim: Yeah, its remarkable


  • because normally if you touch something impure it transfers its impurity to you.

    だって、普通は汚れたものに触ると 汚れが自分に移るんだ。

  • But now here's this new idea where you have this coal,


  • this very holy and pure object, and it touches Isaiah


  • and it transfers its purity to him.


  • Isaiah is not destroyed by God's holiness, he's transformed by it.

    イザヤ は【神】の聖さに滅ぼされず 清く変えられたんだ。

  • I mean the implications of this are just huge.


  • But there's one more development, this time from another prophet, Ezekiel.

    でも、もう一つそこから発展がある。 今度は預言者エゼキエルだ。

  • And he has this vision where he's standing at the temple


  • and he sees water trickling out from it.


  • And then that water turns into a stream


  • and then a grows into a deep river that starts flowing through the desert


  • leaving this trail of green trees behind it.

    その流れが通ったところに 緑の木々が生えるんだ。

  • And then it flows into the Dead Sea making everything fresh and alive.

    そしてその水は死海に流れ込み 死海が命で溢れるんだ。

  • Jon: So, instead of becoming pure first and then going into the temple...


  • God's holiness comes out from the temple making things pure bringing them to life.

    …ここでは【神】の聖さが神殿から 流れ出て清め、命を与えるんだ。

  • What does it all mean?


  • Tim: So, we don't know. Until we meet this man Jesus.

    ティム:それがわからないんだ。 イエスが登場するまではね。

  • And he claims that he's fulfilling all of these ancient visions but in surprising new ways.

    イエスはこれらの古代の幻を 新しい方法で成就すると宣言する。

  • So Jesus, he went around touching people who are impure...


  • ... people with skin diseases, a woman with chronic bleeding, or dead people...

    …皮膚病や慢性失血症の女性や 死人にも触るんだ…

  • and when he touches them, their impurity should transfer over to Jesus ...

    イエスが人々に触ると 汚れがイエスに移るはず…

  • ... but instead, Jesus' purity transfers to them and actually heals their bodies.

    …でも反対に、イエスの清さが 彼らに移り、病が癒された。

  • Jon: Jesus is like that holy coal in Isaiah's vision.

    ジョン:イエスはイザヤが幻で見た 聖なる炭みたいだね。

  • Tim: Right. And Jesus claimed that he was the human embodiment of God's own holiness.

    ティム:そう。イエスは、自分は 【神】の聖さが人として現れたのだと宣言する。

  • and that he and his followers were now God's temple

    そして彼と彼の弟子たちが 今や【神】の神殿なのだというんだ。

  • so that through them God's holy presence would go out into the world

    これからは彼らを通して【神】の 聖なる臨在が世界に出て行き

  • and bring life and healing and hope.


  • And so this is why Jesus described his followers as having streams of living water flowing out of them.

    これが、イエスが弟子たちに生ける水が あふれ流れると説明した理由だ。

  • Jon: So this is our part of the story where we find ourselves now, but where is it all heading?

    ジョン:その延長に僕らがいるわけだけど この先はどうなるんだい?

  • Tim: so the last pages of the Bible end with a final vision about God's holiness...

    ティム:聖書の最後は「聖なる【神】」の 最終的ビジョンが描かれてる。

  • This time it's by a guy named John.


  • And in his vision we see the whole world made completely new.


  • The entire earth has become God's temple.


  • And Ezekiel's river is there flowing out of God's presence,

    そしてエゼキエルの川が 【神】の臨在から流れ出て

  • immersing all of creation,


  • removing all impurity and bringing everything back to life.

    全ての汚れを取り除き、全てのものに 再び命を与えるんだ。

Jon: You've probably heard the word "holy" before



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