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  • T-minus Ten seconds to transference of Entities. Wallow to Bunmasters. Come in Bunmasters.

  • Bun check. [squeak squeak] [smack]
Aha! Oh! [smack]

  • Cut it out, Bunmaster. Receptacle is primed. Buns are a go, repeat

  • buns are a GO. 
[smack] Ah! Good to go on Beth's end, Wallow.

  • Chris, Beth, we've only got one shot at this. The fate of Bunless 9 is riding on this

  • dance mixer. Three, two... one!

  • [zaps] YYYES! It feels so klaarg to be inside a physical being

  • after five centuries! Blood pumping! Buns surging with life! Let us mingle, Chris Kirk-man! 

  • Oh, Beth. I haven't seen Chamsy in a grip. Things didn't end well between us.

  • If you and Beth don't get these two creatures

  • to fall back in love by the time the Celestial Ascension occurs, the Bunless people will

  • be plunged into one-hundred years of war and darkness.
 Okay here he comes, Beth. Remember,

  • the Alien Entities need your buns to communicate. Bunless Team Three, ready happiness and...

  • cue dancing.

  • Come on people, dance harder! Ahahaha! Haha! Partayyy!
 Chris, Slide up to Beth real smooth like.

  • Don't spook the Entities. Smooooth, smooth. Oh, Hello... Killrock.

  • Hello Chamsy. So... how's

  • the apartment? Cold... You still have my

  • yoga ball? No.

  • Too much tension. It'll never work. They can tell my joy is disingenuous. We're all gonna die--!

  • Danny, Sector Five. I've got him.

  • We're all gonna die--! Come on you two, show the Entities how it's done,

  • these guys need to remember that they're soulmates! 
One too many trips to the punch

  • bowl for Shlarpsak! 
Only two minutes until the Ascension! Standby Team Three. 

  • uh, you and Killrock sure are fetching in that gown, Beth. 
Team Three, cue validation.

  • Yes! You are a sizzlin strip of bacon lady. You are the bomb, mamma. You are so fine!

  • Thanks, Chris. I really like how your hair goes PSHYEWW! And Chamsy is also quite handsome.

  • They aren't speaking. Ask her to dance! 
You promised we wouldn't

  • have to! You know I don't dance! Come on Chris, I'll help you through it.

  • Hey is that noted D.J. Shap Fancybone spinning over there? Let's dance! 
Dancing? Oh, Bully! 

  • And... initiate silky jams. [music]
Just relax and follow what I do.

  •   I, this is a... nice night for some feelings

  • to happen... heh.
Killrock, you always were pretty sloop at Chipnopple dancing. 

  • Chipnopple dancing runs in my family. 
I feel sexier just saying it out loud. Chipnopple!

  • It's working! Chris, say something else. 
Uh, your eyes make me wanna

  • share with you to a costly pasta meal. 
He's so sweet!

  • These wistful dandelion sniffers need a good smack in the stamen. 
What? Why are you

  • always so cruel? 
Well why do you have to be so critical? You never believed in my landscaping business!

  • Well maybe if YOU'D accepted my Father's loan- 
Oh here we go, just

  • accept handouts like a Pleegoflip! Like a common, dirty Pleegoflip!

  • [thunder]
The Ascension! It's happening now! We're out of time!

  • [thunder] WAAAAAAH!!!
 Mind if I cut in? Danny what are you doing?! 
Saving your butts!

  • Killrock, may I have the pleasure of this dance? 
Finally a gentleman!

  • [music] Who is this fool? How dare he cut in on Chamsy!

  • The fool must die! 
That's what people do at a mixer, Chamsy. Anyway, Danny's a

  • good dancer. 
What?? We're not just gonna take this? They love us, not him, Kirk-man. Kirk-man?

  • Killrock! You're my woman! Okay now -- walk over there.

  • Now like, move this guy out -- of the way. 
Haha! That was raw! Haha! Beth...

  • Oh Chamsy! You know I love a man who takes what he wants! You're all I've ever wanted!

  • Face us together, Kirk-man!

  • [groaning]
 Not close enough!

  • Uhhhg! 
Oh my god I love you I love you! I've wanted this! For so long! Oh yes! Oooh!

  • Behold, the Celestial Ascension is at hand!

  • A new era of peace dawns for our planet! [cheering]

  • Wow Chris, you were amazing. 
It was nothing.
Bravest Warriors, help! My planet is spinning waaay too faaast! 

  • We're on our way! Ooh! Hahahahaha!

  • Hangover!

  • Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover, only on YouTube.

  • [music] Bravest Warriors... Bravest Warriors...

T-minus Ten seconds to transference of Entities. Wallow to Bunmasters. Come in Bunmasters.


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