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  • Turkish officials came out on Saturday

  • to reassert the control over the country and declare an end

  • to a violent coup attempt.

  • They say the popular support that poured out into the streets for them last night

  • showed Turkey has closed a chapter on a legacy of military coups.

  • The prime minister Binalildırım

  • addressed the country from the capital Ankara on Saturday.

  • He called the attack on July 15th "a dark stain",

  • but he said,

  • it is shown the Turkish people are determined to fight for democracy.

  • One of the interesting elements of the attack was that

  • President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan supporters and his major rivals came out against the coup.

  • They saw it as a threat to democracy and stability of a country that has been shaken by over 3 military coups since 1960.

  • Most of the fighting broke out in Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey's biggest city.

  • And is largely since calmed.

  • Security officials say, there are sill a group of holdouts fighting at one military headquarters in Ankara.

  • Tanks abandoned by soldiers who surrendered themselves remained abandoned on some of the highways and bridges.

  • Though the unrested Istanbul has largely calmed, streets remain nearly empty

  • except for a few small clusters of protesters here and there, waving flags and cheering for Mr. Erdoğan.

  • The scars of the heavy fighting in Ankara are evident however,

  • it's parliament was hit by seven bombs but was still standing.

  • Umit Dundar, the military's acting chief of joint command,

  • said 47 civilians and 43 members of security forces were killed by the plotters of the coup.

  • He also said that 104 people believed to be part of the coup, were killed by security forces.

  • "Turkey has witnessed an insanity that hit it's own parliament and killed it's own civilians." He said.

  • "This nation will never forget this cowardice."

  • Many analysts say,

  • stability should return to the country without a major wave of violence hitting it.

  • But they do think the issue of the coup will remain deeply divisive,

  • as Erdoğan will likely remain suspicious of his opponents, and a narrative will develop of the people who were for or against the coup.

  • In the coming months, Mr. Erdoğan is likely to be able to use the failed coup,

  • to push through his attempt to change the constitution and create his presidential system that would allow him to continue his rule in Turkey.

  • But the paranoia of the attempted coup could distract him from Turkey's deep economic troubles.

  • And a gruelling fight against ISIS militance still lies ahead.

  • Even if he gets more power, he will remain a weakened president.

Turkish officials came out on Saturday


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