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  • Every human being starts out the same way:


  • two cells, one from each parent, found each other and became one.

    両親から1つずつ譲り受けた2つの細胞が両親から1つずつ譲り受けた2つの細胞が 出会い 1つになります

  • And that one cell reproduced itself, dividing, dividing, dividing, until there were 10 trillion of them.

    できた細胞が自己複製し分裂し また分裂し また更に分裂し 10兆個もの細胞になります

  • Do you realize there are more cells in one person's body than there are stars in the Milky Way?


  • But those 10 trillion cells aren't just sitting there in a big pile.

    でも 10兆個もの細胞が ただあるだけではありません

  • That would make for a pretty boring human being!

    それでは極めてつまらない 人間になってしまいます

  • So what is it that says a nose is a nose, and toes is toes?

    では鼻を鼻と また足を足と 決めているのは一体何なのでしょう

  • What is it that says this is bone, and this is brain, and this is heart, and this is that little thing in the back of your throat that you can never remember the name of?

    これは骨でこれは脳 これは心臓で これは正式な名前を誰も知らない 喉の奥の アレだとか 何が決めているのでしょう これは正式な名前を誰も知らない 喉の奥の アレだとか 何が決めているのでしょう

  • Everything that you are or ever will be made of starts as a tiny link of instructions found in each and every cell.

    体を構成するものや 将来 その一部となるものは全てのあらゆる細胞に存在する 一片の設計図から始まります

  • Every time your body wants to make something, it goes back to the instruction book, looks it up, and puts it together.

    体は何かを作ろうとするたびに設計マニュアルに立ち戻り 組み立て方を調べて作るのです

  • So how does one cell hold all that information?

    一つの細胞にそんな沢山の情報が どう詰まっているのでしょう

  • Let's get small.


  • I mean, really small, smaller than the tip of a sewing needle.


  • Then we can take a journey inside a single cell to find out what makes up the book of you, your genome.

    そうすれば 細胞の中に潜入しヒトの設計書 --つまりヒトゲノムが どうやって書かれているか 見る事ができます

  • The first thing we see is that the whole genome, all your DNA, is contained inside its own tiny compartment called the nucleus.

    最初に気付くのは ゲノム全体 — 全てのDNA鎖が最初に気付くのは ゲノム全体 — 全てのDNA鎖が 核というとても小さな場所に 収まっているということです 核というとても小さな場所に 収まっているということです

  • If we stretched out all the DNA in this one cell into a single thread, it would be over three feet long!

    1つの細胞内のDNA鎖を1本に伸ばしてみると 1メートル以上にもなります

  • We have to make it fit in a tiny compartment that is a million times smaller.


  • We could just bunch it up like Christmas lights, but that can get messy.

    クリスマスライトのように 適当にまとめてもいいのですがごちゃごちゃになりそうなので

  • We need some organization.


  • First, the long thread of DNA wraps around proteins clustered into little beads called nucleosomes, which end up looking like a long, beaded necklace.

    まず 長いDNA鎖はタンパク質に巻きつきヌクレオソームと呼ばれる ビーズ状のものになり 全体では長いビーズ製ネックレスのようになります

  • And that necklace is wrapped up in its own spiral like an old telephone cord.

    そのネックレスは 古い電話のコードのようならせん状になります

  • And those spirals get layered on top of one another until we get a neat little shape that fits inside the nucleus.

    そのらせんは きれいに折りたたまれ核に収まるほどコンパクトなものになります

  • Waaah! Three feet of DNA squeezed into a tiny compartment.

    わぁ! 1メートル近いDNAが こんな小さな場所に収まりました

  • If only we could hire DNA to pack our suitcases!

    荷物をスーツケースに詰めるとき DNAに頼めたら いいですね

  • Each tiny mass of DNA is called a chromosome.

    それぞれのDNA鎖の小さな塊は 染色体と呼ばれます

  • The book of you would have 46 chapters, one for each chromosome.


  • 23 chapters of your book came from your mom, and 23 chapters came from your dad.


  • Two of those chapters, called "X" and "Y", determine if you are male, "XY", or female, "XX".

    「X」「Y」という2つの章は性別で異なり男性は「XY」 女性は「XX」となります 男性は「XY」 女性は「XX」となります

  • Put them together and we get two almost identical but slightly different sets of 23 chapters.

    それらをまとめると ほぼ同じであるものの若干の違いをもつ23章のセットが 2組得られます

  • The tiny variations are what makes each person different.

    ほんのちょっとの違いによって 個人差が生じます

  • It's estimated that all the chapters together hold about 20,000 individual instructions, called genes.

    遺伝子と呼ばれる設計図の手順が全章合わせて2万個存在すると 推定されています

  • Written out, all those 20,000 instructions are 30 million letters long!


  • If someone were writing one letter per second, it would take them almost an entire year to write it once.


  • It turns out that our genome book is much, much longer than just those 30 million letters, almost 100 times longer!

    ゲノムの本全体は 3000万文字よりももっとずっと長いことが分かっており ほぼ100倍長いのです

  • What are all those extra pages for?


  • Well, each set of instructions has a few pages of nonsense inserted that have to be taken out before we end up with something useful.

    手順の各ページ毎に無意味なものが 数ページ挿入されており実際使うためには 取り除かなければいけません

  • The parts we throw out, we call introns.


  • The instructions we keep, we call exons.


  • We can also have hundreds of pages in between each gene.


  • Some of these excess pages were inserted by nasty little infections in our ancestors, but some of them are actually helpful.

    これらの余分なページには進化の過程で厄介な感染により 挿入されたものもありますが とても有用なものも存在します

  • They protect the ends of each chapter from being damaged, or some help our cells find a particular thing they are looking for, or give a cell a signal to stop making something.

    各章の末尾が損傷されないように保護してくれたり細胞の探し物の手伝いをしてくれたり 細胞に生産活動の停止信号を送ってくれたりします

  • All in all, for every page of instructions, there's almost 100 pages of filler.

    大体 各ページの設計図に対して100ページほどつなぎがあり

  • In the end, each of our books' 46 chapters is between 48 and 250 million letters long.


  • That's 3.2 billion letters total!


  • To type all that copy, you would be at it for over 100 years, and the book would be over 600,000 pages long.


  • Every type of cell carries the same book, but each has a set of bookmarks that tell exactly which pages needs to look up.

    どの種の細胞内にも 同じマニュアルがあるのですが細胞によって どのページを見るかという しおりが埋め込まれており

  • So a bone cell reads only the set of instructions it needs to become bone.


  • Your brain cells, they read the set that tells them how to become brain.


  • If some cells suddenly decide to start reading other instructions, they can actually change from one type to another.

    もし突然 細胞が他の組み立て方を読むことにしたらその細胞は別種の細胞へと変化するかもしれません

  • So every little cell in your body is holding on to an amazing book, full of the instructions for life.

    体内のどんな小さな細胞も 生命の’つくり方を満載した素晴らしい設計マニュアルを持っているのです

  • Your nose reads nose pages, your toes read toes pages, and that little thing in the back of your throat, it's got its own pages too.

    鼻は鼻のページを読み足は足のページを読みます 喉奥にある小さなアレだって 自分のページを持っています

  • They are under uvula.


Every human being starts out the same way:


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