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“Thank you so much! ”Back at you, I feel the same way.
And I know what you're all thinking, damn Ellen.
>> [LAUGH] >> If you don't know what I'm talking
about, yesterday we had two high school students on the show who
became famous by saying, damn Daniel.
>> [LAUGH] >> When I was in high school,
I'd say damn and I got detention, that's what happened to me.
>> [LAUGH] >> So
they posted Damn Daniel video on Snapchat.
You know what Snapchat is everybody?
>> Yeah.
>> It's when you snap you chat.
>> [LAUGH] >> No, Snapchat is an app, and
it lets you send pictures and short videos that disappear after you watch them.
It's like a combination of Instagram and memory loss.
That's what it is.
>> [LAUGH] >> And I did a little research and
these are some of the statistics about Snapchat.
It has 7 billion views a day.
Snapchat users share over 9,000 photos per second.
The biggest stars on Snapchat can make over $100,000 a week.
$100,000 a week.
Damn Daniel!
>> [LAUGH] >> I need to stop talking and
get on Snapchat right now.
We are on Snapchat.
But bring me my, Andy, where are you?
Bring my phone let me show you something.
Thank you.
Stay close in case I mess up.
Okay, so Snapchat, one of things it has is it has something called lenses.
And I'm going to show you what I'm talking about.
It's here.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl.
>> [LAUGH]
>> [LAUGH]
>> Am I rich yet?
>> Did I made $100,000?
>> [LAUGH] >> All right.
That's all.
Anyway, while I wait for my hundred thousand dollars,
let's all dance, shall we?



【エレンの部屋】スナップチャットって何? Oh, Snap(chat)!

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