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  • Yo. It’s me. DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. I didn’t become a professional wrestler until

  • I was 35 years old. My career did not take off until I was 40. That was in 1996 when

  • wrestling blew through the rafters in the cable industry. Monday Night Wars were a huge

  • part of that. Pro Wrestling Illustrated rated Stone Cold Steve Austin as number one and

  • DDP as number four both years which was really crazy coming from obscurity like that. And

  • then I blew my back out. And I blew my back out so badly that three different back specialists

  • said my career was over. I’d actually ruptured my L4 and L5 and it was really bad. Just signed

  • a multimillion dollar three year deal. I mean I finally got paid so, you know, this was

  • the time I worked so hard to get to and now it was all gone. Around that time I was married

  • and my wife at the time was like, why don’t you try doing yoga to heal your body. I was

  • like, yoga. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga. That was the way I felt about it. And

  • long story short, it’s all I really could do.

  • I was still doing rehab because I had rehabbed back both shoulder surgeries, both knee surgeries

  • and the ruptured L4 and L5, I was trying to nurse that back but it was just so tender

  • and so immovable. I started to do the yoga and in the first three weeks I started to

  • feel a significant difference. It was mind blowing to me. I was very frustrated though

  • because the tapes I was watching, everybody was a stick figure. Everybody could twist

  • themselves up into a pretzel. No one was modifying any position. So I had to figure that out.

  • And then about three weeks in like I said I was feeling pretty good so before I crashed

  • out I decided I want to do some of these yoga positions and I wouldn’t call them poses

  • or postures because, you know, I’m a guy who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga.

  • But I started to mix them with the rehabilitation moves and then I was like wow, this sort of

  • flows pretty good. And then over a period of time, next couple of weeks I threw in old

  • school calisthenics, you know, pushups, squats, crunches done with a slow burn movement. And

  • what I figured outlike if youre lifting weights youre just jacking weight, you

  • get your heart rate jacked up. But if you lift weights slow and control the weight youre

  • going to utilize more muscles. And every time you flex or engage a muscle like when youre

  • doing a slow burn push-up, your heart’s got to beat faster to get the blood to the

  • muscle.

  • Again, I’m figuring this out because of boredom but again completely by accident.

  • And over a period of three months what would become DDP yoga becomes a kick ass cardiovascular

  • workout that could dramatically increase my flexibility and strengthen my core like never

  • before. But here was the key. Minimal joint impact. In less than three months I was back

  • in the ring. At 42 years old they said my wrestling career was over. At 43 I was the

  • heavyweight champ of the world. So I decided I’m going to keep doing this what I used

  • to call back then yoga for normal people. And then it just sort of took on a life of

  • its own building its way up to DDP yoga.

  • I was on Shark Tank. They were like the big question is how have you succeeded in a world

  • that is so competitive? How have you succeeded and made all this money in this business?

  • How did you do that? Me and my business partner, Steve Yu, we just looked at them and said

  • we inspire people. No, but really, how did you get the people to be brought in? I go

  • we inspire people. Theyre like no butand you ever saw thatthis stuff got cut from

  • Shark Tank because they didn’t get it. I think the first person that had to be inspired

  • was me. Again youre talking about the guy, you know. Underneath DDP yoga this says it

  • ain’t your mama’s yoga, you know. And I respect all types of yogis. I always say

  • yogismost yogis very Namaste. DDP yogawere more T&A, you know. Tone and attitude.

  • And we have fun with it.

  • The whole tone and attitude that makes DDP yoga its own animal has to do with dynamic

  • resistance. All I want you to do is go back to this. Remember this from wresting? Now

  • it’s in DDP yoga and I cannot believe it’s the centerpiece again. Completely by accident

  • or by design, however you choose to look at it. So what I’m going to do is I’m going

  • to take my thumb and index fingersdo this with me at home. I’m not talking to

  • myself. I can get away with that. I was a wrestler. Okay so put your thumb and index

  • fingers together. Now push really hard. Now when you push really hard look at the muscles

  • on my body. Look at my hand, forearm, bicep and pec. They all have to engage. Now straighten

  • your arms out in front. Take your left handit will be my right. I want you to pull

  • your pinky away from your thumb like really stretch it. Look what happens to my arm. You

  • can see my tricep. You can see my forearm. But when you take them like this and you push

  • your thumb and your index fingers away and you pull your pinkies away, look what happens

  • to my hand, my forearm, my tricep, my deltoid and my trap. They all have to engage. Now

  • do this with me. Have some fun. Keep pushing your thumb and your index fingers together.

  • Pull your pinkies away. [INHALE SOUND]. Now as you inhale create resistance as youre

  • moving. Lean back in your chair, nice stretch. Now bring your arms out to a T. Clench your

  • fists tight. Bring your fists together, your biceps together, your pecs together and hulk

  • it up brother. That’s right. Squeeze it tight, tight, tight. Attention. Shoulders

  • back, chest out. [EXHALE SOUND]. At ease. You can see me starting to perspire. That’s

  • called dynamic resistance.

  • So whatever youre trying to do, you need to remember that there will always be better

  • than, less than and different than. That means whoever’s the best - in professional wrestling

  • you might say Hulk Hogan. Everybody under him, less than except for the person or company

  • that’s different than. That’s what DDP yoga is. That’s what Diamond Dallas Page

  • the wrestler was. And that’s why I never even let anybody call DDP yoga, yoga. People

  • come up to me all the time. Autograph signings or personal appearances I’m doing, all excited.

  • DDP, oh my God, I’ve lost 50 pounds. I love your yoga. A big group of people around. I

  • go what’d you call it? They go oh, I lost 50 pounds. I lost 50 pounds doing your yoga.

  • I love it. I go what did you call it? I go what did you call it? They go DDP yoga. It

  • becomes a funny bit. And again you can get away with that but a wrestler. No other yogi’s

  • doing that.

Yo. It’s me. DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. I didn’t become a professional wrestler until


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