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- You're turning 30 soon?
- Yeah. - When?
- Um, I'm turning 30 in August.
I feel thir--, like, I, when I turned 29, I felt,
- like, that's 30. - You were already 30?
- I've bee saying I'm 30 for, like, a whole year now.
- You just jumped ahead? - Yeah.
Um, so I'm, like, trying to, 'cause I'm 30 now,
or almost 30 or whatever, um, I've been trying to, like,
be more healthy, and, ugh, it's the worst.
- It's awful. - Is it?
- It's the worst. And the worst part is,
I feel so much better.
Like, that's the worst part is that, like, it works, and--
- Uh-huh. Wait, is this new to you?
Had you not been healthy up until recently?
- No. No. - Do you work out?
- I mean, I'm trying now to, you know, work out
and eat some vegetables, and, like,
it's awful. I hate it.
- Well... - But I feel like, "Oh,
this is how healthy people feel," you know?
- Right. - Right. I get the appeal.
- It actually works. - But I was really hoping
that I would just do it as an experiment,
and I would feel exactly the same.
- Yep. - And I could just go back
to eating Taco Bell whenever I wanted.
- And yet, no. What kind of working out
are you doing?
- I'm just doing, like, I don't know.
It's, like, you know, everything's all fusiony
and, like, it's--it's, like, you know,
it's, like, is it pilates, is it yoga,
is it, you know, it's new and sexy.
- Yes. That's why I'm asking.
- I'm just walking vigorously.
- I saw you walk out here. It was really good, yeah.
You must have burned, like, I don't know,
a calorie or something like that.
- Yeah. Felt like it. - Well, good for you.
Yeah. Good for you for trying.
And, uh, so "Pitch Perfect," the billboards are everywhere.
- Yeah. It's so weird. - Is that weird when
driving and you see yourself?
- I just finished a film in Georgia,
and, you know, felt like nothing was really going on,
and, yeah, Oh, my God.' I, uh, I got back to L.A.
a week ago, and I, like, I felt like, "Oh, my God.
I can't leave the house. This is so embarrassing."
I look a mess all the time, and, like,
my face is on the side of buildings and stuff.
I've been, like, driving around in my car, like this.
I'm amazed I haven't crashed into somebody.
- That's really--I know. That's fun.
- It's exciting. - Of course it is.
- But it's a little embarrassing 'cause every time I'm, like,
near one of them, I feel like someone's gonna think
that I'm just hanging out near one, like,
just, like, "Hey, is that-- Oh, who's that beautiful girl?"
- Yeah. - Am I right?
- Unless you're actually standing next to it,
I don't think anybody's thinking that.
You could just be in your car, nobody's thinking,
"Well, she's just driving in this neighborhood."
And everyone's starting to, from what I've seen, copy,
I don't know why, 'cause it's just a pose,
but you have your arms crossed, and you have,
and people are actually now--
- This makes me so happy.
Yeah, these, uh, a couple of people sent me photos
of, uh, themselves doing this.
Yeah, it just got crazier and crazier,
and, um, and it was great for me because, um,
you know, the--when we shot the poster, you know,
um, the studio kind of wanted me to pose a little, like,
sexier, and I, you know, that's just not who this character is,
and I don't think that's what, you know, girls have to be.
And so this is just me, like,
warmed my tiny little heart so much.
Um, and I love the, like, the--the father and son there,
like, oh, it's just-- it's so adorable.
- It's sweet. - It makes me really happy.
- There's nothing wrong with that.
I mean, usually body language like that
means you're closed off, but it's just--you're just--
- Yeah, it just, you know, it's like you're, you know,
- you're powerful. - Right.
- You're just-- - Yeah.
I think we should do the rest of the interview like this
- together. - Fine. Fine.
- I don't know why we wouldn't. - I don't even care.
- Yeah.
I don't care either.
And so you posted a picture of yourself--
I like this very much, of you wearing a onesie after the--
you just got--got home and got comfortable, didn't you?
- I sure did. Yeah, after the premiere.
I got in my own onesie.
Yeah, I posted that photo, um, 'cause I always think
that's the best part of the night is when you get home
and get comfortable.
And that thing, I mean, I would wear that--
the next time I come on the show,
I swear I'll wear that if you let me.
If it's not weird.
It's saved my life so many times.
You guys gave it to me when you visited the set
- of "Pitch Perfect 2." - Isn't it so comfortable?
- It is incredible. - I'm so glad.
Well, thank you for posting that.
- Can I get, like, a cut of the sales of these now, or...?
I mean, that's not what this was about,
- but I'm thinking about it. - No, you can't.
- Okay.



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