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Melodious Snow Bow
Up next is the second ranked player in Kaminohara.
Her name is the "Eternally Forgotten Idol."
Sounds cool!
She's bound to stay forgotten...
Where is she?
I'm sure we won't see her just yet, so let's take a break.
You're right.
Anyway, I really love this cafe. It's very charming.
It's already popular, even though it just opened.
Cafes are trending right now.
You sure know a lot.
Dad was venting about how there's a lot more competition now.
This Lilith Parfait sounds divine!
-Let's get that! -Thank you for waiting.
We haven't ordered yet.
Leave after you finish.
Then, let's eat.
What's up, Oragon?
Ew, this parfait has pike in it!
Who prepared this disgusting parfait?
That would be me.
Besides pike, it has custard, red pickled ginger, and vanilla essence.
Isn't it disgusting?
Then get out there and spread the word about this terrible cafe.
Why would you do that?
Humph. Closing this cafe will result in more business for Minamikaze.
Why our cafe?
Minamikaze is my favorite cafe.
It's the coziest place in the world.
There's the reticent and dreamy owner.
And a delicious breakfast menu.
With complete sets of obscure comics...
...and an unchanging Showa-style menu.
The Internet's a 64K-wired modem.
You know everything about our cafe!
She's totally dissing it.
Yeah, she's not complimenting it at all.
But people don't seem to understand Minamikaze's charm.
That's why I'm gonna show them.
I'm gonna destroy the reputation of all the other cafes in Kaminohara!
Then everyone will have to go to Minamikaze!
What's going on? Hey! Ms. Noda!
You're being rude to the customers again.
I'm terribly sorry for this.
Didn't I tell you not to wear your hood during work?
Shut up. You're just a hired gun!
I'm going to save Minamikaze.
But Minami and her father wouldn't approve of these methods.
-That's wonderful! -What?
My father would be proud!
Of course! I'll put this place out of business first.
Wait, don't go!
I love Minamikaze too,
but I'm sure there are people who love this place as well.
Why should I care?
If you're gonna complain,
try stopping me in MS.
I'm the Number Two in Kaminohara.
Nicknamed the "Eternally Forgotten Idol."
What's up with this field?
Thank you for coming to my concert, everyone!
Melodious Snow Bow White, touching down next to your heart!
Let's get the party started with "First Love Is..."
Your melody!
You're so bright, Snow Bow.
What the heck is this?
Let's focus on the battle!
I won't let you disrupt the stage!
I'll cast a spell on you with my song!
Take this!
What is this?
It's time!
-Oragon? -Minami, too?
Napoleon, attack!
You're not allowed to change seats during the performance!
-Napoleon is... -She's a wood monster.
Napoleon's at a disadvantage since she's water.
Snow Bow! Snow Bow!
Darn it. What should we do?
Snow Bow! Snow Bow!
To be continued.


[Episode 24] Monster Strike the Animation Official (English sub) [Full HD]

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