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Hey guys!
Today's video is gonna be a little more relaxed
I kinda feel like it's going back to my old style of video
If you've been following me since the beginning
You know I used to make really random videos
about products that I thought were funny or interesting
that I just came across at the grocery store
and I kinda miss that style of video
Today I found something funny at the grocery store
It's almost Valentines Day - and Japan is obssesed with giving chocolate on Valentines Day
It's the big thing here - people don't really give flowers or jewellry too much
It's really just chocolate, and you'll see it everywhere
The grocery stores are packed with special Valentines chocolate
Even in the stations there will be little stands everywhere where you can buy chocolate
So I was at the grocery store doing some shopping and came across these
And it took me way too long to figure out why the hell they say SUKKY on them
If you speak Japanese you can probably figure it out if you think about it for a little while
And at the bottom it says "anata ga suki desu"
I like you, or I love you
Suki means like, but it means like-like not just regular like when you use it for a person
So yeah it's SUKI not SUKKY
But when they write it like that without the Japanese characters and 2 Ks and a Y
I can only read this is SUCKY and I can't get over how funny it is
I just love this so much
So yeah, they came out with these special edition Pocky
Not only SUKKY POCKY, they came out with like 8 others I think
I got them all, I got all the ones they had at the store
So I have lots of Pocky to eat now
Let me show you the other ones
I thought these ones were really cute
These are Papacky and Mamacky for your Dad and your Mom
I thought those were really adorable
Too bad my parents aren't in Japan so I could give these to them
But isn't that cute?
At the bottom it says "papa arigatou" and "mama arigatou"
Thanks Dad, Thanks Mom
They also have THANKY
For those people that you're not in love with but you wanna give them a little treat on Valentines Day
So this is kinda like a casual thing you can give them
The bottom says "itsumo sankyuu desu"
Sankyuu is another way to say thank you in Japanese, more casual
than arigatou or arigatou gozaimasu, so you can use it with your friends
Here's a very Japanese phrase that I can attempt to teach you guys
YOROCKY! If you speak Japanese you can probably figure this one out
It says "yoroshiku onegai shimasu"
Which is actually very hard to translate into English
It's not really a phrase that we have
It has so many different meanings
For example when you meet someone for the first time you'll say "hajimemashite"
"my name is Sharla, blah blah blah" and then at the end you'll say "yoroshiku onegai shimasu"
Which is kinda like "from here on lets have a good relationship"
or something... it's honestly really hard to translate
But it's just something like yeah let's get along, let's have a good relationship
Let's work together, or I'm looking forward to working with you
That kinda thing
You could give this one to your coworker or your friend
Anyone really, but I guess it has kinda like a "let's work together" feeling to it
probably would be best for a coworker or something like that
That's one thing that's very different about Valentines Day here in Japan
You actually give chocolate to everyone you know
It's not just your bf or your gf
Last Valentines Day I was working at a Japanese tech company
All my coworkers were Japanese people
And all the men gave me chocolate, and it was really awkward
Because in Canada we don't have the culture of giving presents to anyone other than your significant other
So that was just weird for me
But in Japan it's expected here
If you don't get something for your coworkers you're kind of seen as like the office bitch
So you probably wanna do that
So you can get them something like this so you don't have to spend too much money on them
Actually one that would be really good for your coworkers would be this
GIRICKY - another very Japanese thing
At the bottom it says "giri choko desu"
Giri choko means "obligation chocolate"
So literally you're obligated to give this chocolate to them because it's Valentines Day
It's not that you have any feelings for them or anything, you just have to give them something... so
"Here you are." I don't know if I would be very thrilled to receive this
But I guess it's better than nothing? I dunno, honestly not giving anything might be better
So giri chocolate is usually just like a small cheap chocolate
that you give to someone because you have to, not because you love them
On the other hand, honmei choko, or real feeling chocolate
would be something more expensive or fancy
and that would be the type of chocolate you would give to your bf or gf
Another one they have is GANBACKY
It says "ganbatte kudasai"
Which is, try your best! or good luck!
So you could give this to someone who has exams, or a sports competition or something like that
I like that one, I think that's cute
And that would be nice all year round, not just Valentines Day
But I'm pretty sure these are just a Valentines Day special
So I think they're gonna stop selling them soon
Those are the Valentines Day special Pocky that I found at the store
But yeah, this is just my favourite thing ever. Can we just all agree on that?
Please don't ever get rid of these I friggen love these
On the back they have this cute little space where you can write a message
I thought that was adorable
So yeah that's my Valentine's video for this year guys
If you're looking for something more useful
I made a couple chocolate making videos over the years, I will link them up in the i button
thing on whichever side it is
So click that and you can see some other videos to watch!
Hope you guys have a really awesome valentines day, and I'll see you soon! Bye!


外国人からみた日本のバレンタインデー (Japanese Valentines Day Culture | SUKKY POCKY)

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