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  • Hi. My name is Rebecca, and in today's lesson I'm going to show you five different ways


  • to say yes to someone without actually using the word "yes".


  • Because in English the way we respond to someone is really important in terms of our conversation.


  • If we respond enthusiastically, then the other person gets a positive message, and everything


  • goes along more positively and better relationships are built.


  • So let's see a few words that you can use to say yes, in an enthusiastic way. All right,


  • let's look. If someone asks for example, "Would you like to see a movie?"


  • You could say, "Sure." All right?


  • -"Did you enjoy the show?" -"Absolutely!."


  • -"'Do you want to go bowling?"


  • Now you see, it says here "Do you want to go bowling?" But when I spoke, I spoke a little

    ここでは「一緒にボーリングしに行く?」(want toを強調)とあります。しかし会話の際、私は少し速く話すので、

  • bit faster, and so sometimes it sounds like "Do you wanna go bowling?" "Do you wanna?"

    時々「一緒にボーリングに行く?」「〜する?」(want toがwanna)に聞こえます。

  • "Wanna" is sort of fast-version slang, a slightly slang version of "Do you want to go bowling?"

    "Wanna"は略語の一種で、(Do you wanna go bowling?)は"Do you want to go bowling?"の短縮系になります。

  • You could say "Sounds great!", all right? It's also kind of a casual way to say yes.


  • -"Do you think he'll like the gift?" -"Definitely."


  • Of course, you can say "yes", but these are some other options, right?


  • Or if somebody asks you "Can I borrow your pen?" You could say "Certainly."


  • You could also say "of course", or something like that.


  • But "of course" is a little bit tricky, because unless you say it with the right tone of voice,

    しかし"of course"は少し厄介で、正しい口調で言わないと、

  • it just sounds a little bit condescending. "Condescending" means you're just talking


  • down to someone, as if you are higher and they are lower, and you don't want to do that.


  • So sometimes it's better if you're not sure of the exact tone to avoid the "of course",

    なので、"of course"の正しい口調が分からない場合は、

  • but one of these will probably work well.


  • So let me ask you a few questions and you can choose one of these to respond, okay?


  • -"Do you like spicy food?"


  • You could say: -"Absolutely!."


  • -"Can I buy you coffee?"


  • -"Certainly."


  • -"Would you like to go to dinner?"


  • -"Sounds great."


  • -"Want to go to a party?"


  • -"Absolutely!."


  • -"Can I have a glass of water?" -"Certainly."

    「お水を一杯ください」 - 「かしこまりました」

  • Okay, or any of these, all right?


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  • Thanks very much for watching. Good luck with your English.


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Hi. My name is Rebecca, and in today's lesson I'm going to show you five different ways


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"YES"の5つの表現 (5 ways to say YES in English!)

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