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  • Wimbledon is a traditional championships

  • but there's so much technologies hidden behind the scenes

  • There are around a hundred and twenty broadcasts cameras around Wimbledon's grounds

  • broadcasting to a global audience around one billion.

  • The movement of the players and the ball is tracked

  • around the court by ten different cameras tracking fifty frames a second.

  • The sensors in the roof that track the humidity, the sensor on the net cord,

  • The LED displays showing the score, and speed of serve.

  • Does the day trend trace system capturing stats from all the matches.

  • There were a hundred and ten miles of television cables running around the grounds

  • But we hide as much as the technologies as we can.

  • It's about being out stay true to our original ideal, tennis in the English garden.

Wimbledon is a traditional championships


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イングリッシュガーデン (The English Garden)

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