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Hey guys! Val is back with me again today. Yeah!
I've been trying to think of like really cool videos,
so I can do like while I'm here in Canada with Belle.
I was looking some of my friends videos, and I got really cool idea from my friend, Hannah,
who has a sweet channel that you should check out, I will put it here,
she mainly does like rap, song covers, and she's so awesome,
and so yes check out her channel.
But she has a really cool video, was doing the same with her brother,
and she asks same what he thinks these Japanese words mean,
and the words sound like English, but to English speakers,
they don't normally make much sense.
So I'm gonna test on Val today. Yeah.
This should be interesting. I got a list on my iPhone, that I gonna look at.
OK, are you ready?
Alright. Ready.
- Really? - No.
Think of English words they could sound like.
- It's two words. - Oh, it is.
- Oh man is one of them. - Two English words put together.
OK, it's salary man. It's what they're going for.
What? What's that even mean?
Even though I said that you don't know?
It's an "office worker", so like a guy has office job.
OK, we fail.
Number 2.
- Nope. - We're not gonna get out of this.
Probably not.
Can you say normal?
I don't even know what this would be cuz we don't have it in English. Freeter?
It doesn't even help.
Part-time worker.
You see the connection here?
Btw, I'm also an Italian, so partially it sells. I want that excuse.
no-to pasokon
Oh my god, wait, so close.
Computer. Yes!
We got one! One for Val.
Yeah, that's the word, that's the word coming from.
OK, so you're allowed to do something.
Umm, it's a noun.
Consignment store?
This one's hard. I don't think you're gonna get it.
I completely forgot the real English word for this, cuz I've been using this word.
Outlet. Like the outlet on the wall, like plug-in thing.
It doesn't sound anything near English.
What does consent come from? I don't know.
- Donuts? - Nope.
What is this coming from?
How does it even taken from English?
- Is it kind of an animal? - Nope.
Cardboard box.
That makes sense now.
Oh I really like this one.
- Oh hot kiss! Right? - No.
- Hoochie mama? - Noooo.
It's something... It's a school supply.
It's a paperclip?
Oh that's... that's actually really close.
- A clip. Just like black... - No.
- A binder? - No.
I don't know I'm just guessing all the school supplies, just naming them all.
It's the name of the guy that made the stapler, that invented the stapler.
- See, no one knows that, so you can't say... - Nobody cares.
You can't say hocchikisu to English speaking people,
they'll have no idea what you're talking about.
Is it sexual?
- Can't tell you. - Cunnilingus?
I knew you're gonna guess that, I saw that coming.
I think about that every time I hear this word,
and people say all the time.
I'm sorry if it doesn't mean that it should.
Cheating on a test.
- Cheating!? - So people say like all the time at school.
Gross soup.
What? What?
Key chain.
- Kiss? - Nope.
For example like lemon ekisu or mint ekisu
Syrup? Juice? Lemon juice? Lemon tea?
- Extract. - Okay, okay, that's close.
- Wink. - Nope.
- Wanker. - How I even translate that?
Just write down white person that tries to be black.
Is that a wigger?
I think we're both off.
It comes from winker, yeah, but it's not winker.
Aww, sorry, I really don't know about this one.
Turn signal.
The blinker.
It's called blinker, if you say blinker, we'll understand.
Okay, the last one. You'll gonna get this one, and you'll get one point.
Throw up.
Oh you say that, don't you?
Throw something?
Check something?
It's a ... part of clothing.
It doesn't help me.
Clothes? Oh sorry, shoes?
Starts with the "z".
Yes! Half a piont.
Alright, Val gets one out of 10.
You know what, Japanese is nowhere near English.
Honestly, I'm surprise you got one, like no-to pasokon
is really far from like lap top or notebook computer.
So good work.
Alright, thanks for watching guys. Bye!


海外で通じない和製英語 Katakana Japanese Quiz

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