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Our next guest has taught us about the periodic table and the human body,
and she is only four years old.
Today, she's going to give us a lesson in biology.
From Salinas, California, please welcome back Brielle and her mom, Carrie.
You have exciting news, don't you?
I do!
Tell me.
There is a real baby in mama's belly.
Not a pretend one.
Not a pretend one?
A real baby in mommy's belly?
That's very, congratulations.
- Thank you. -That's very exciting.
When did you find out you're going to be a big sister?
On Easter when the Easter Bunny told me.
He left me a note that said there was a surprise.
The Easter Bunny left you the note?
And I had to find eggs that had numbers and
letters and I had to put them in order and it spelled out big sister.
Well that was a fun little game that the Easter Bunny did.
I wonder how the Easter Bunny knew.
I guess the Stork told the Easter Bunny.
I guess they all hang out together or something.
And then so you don't know if it's gonna be a little brother or
a little sister yet?
I don't.
No just a baby something which is gonna be so much fun.
Are you excited?
Yes I am really excited.
I bet. (laugh)
And then your dog Nicky, there's all the eggs.
Your dog Nicky had a birthday too right?
And what look you had a party.
Didn't Nicky enjoy that party?
Yes. (laugh) What did you do for Nicky?
- I got her a shark and - A shark?
That was really tough because my dog Nicky loves to chew.
Dogs love to chew on things don't they?
- Yes, and- Did she like the shark?
She did, and she, well, she unstuffed the nose.
- Oh no. - And we sewed it back up, and
then she unstuffed it again!
Oh no. (laugh)
Yeah, it's really hard.
I have dogs that unstuff noses too.
And then you have to get them before they get the whole insides, right?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Alright, so you went on a road trip.
What did you do on the road trip?
We stopped in Santar Babara and had a picnic on the beach.
That's really fun.
And I had some time in the water.
And good thing I took my wetsuit.
Because it wasn't very warm.
Yeah it looks like are you gonna get in all the way?
What happened when you went in?
The waves pulled me in and one time I forgot to put my hands down and
I got a mouth full of sand.
Gosh nothing's worse than a mouth full of sand.
That's terrible.
But it's beautiful there, isn't it?
- Yeah - Yeah, okay.
So now, you did the periodic table and you talked about the human body.
Today, you're gonna talk about biology?
Okay, so let us talk about the human body and biology.
And you're gonna tell us what things are, and you're gonna tell us facts.
What is this?
The ear.
And tell us about the ear.
Ear, they, your ears are very important for your balance.
There's liquid in your inner ear that stays level when you move.
And do you know why you get dizzy when you spin?
- No, I don't. - It's like a water ball.
If you spin the water ball really fast, the water keeps moving.
Same thing happens to the liquid in your ear.
When you stop spinning, the liquid in your ear keeps moving and
it confuses your brain and you feel dizzy.
(applause) (laughter)
I always thought it was the Martinis
but okay.
(laugh) Tell me about this.
Your heart.
The heart.
Laughing keeps your heart pumping, which improves cardiovascular health,
you make people's hearts happy, but also healthy.
Because you make them laugh, so you're kind of like a heart doctor.
I am a heart doctor, that's really clever.
But also. (laugh)
All right, what's that?
The intestines.
The intestines?
Your intestines help break down food into fuel for your body.
I did not know that.
I knew that they did things, but I didn't know they broke down the food.
I thought that was something else.
This is the?
The lungs.
Your lungs are like sponges that are made of tiny air sacs.
And around each one is a net of blood vessels and
they take oxygen from the air that you breath in.
Four years old.
(applause) All right..
- They eye. - The eyes.
Eye color is also related to melanin.
Your eyes don't have any pigment or melanin in them.
That is why they are blue.
My eyes have a lot of melanin, that's why they are dark brown.
I didn't know that.
The melanin makes the color of the eyes?
Yes. Look at that, that's really amazing.
You are so smart and just amazing.
All right, we're gonna take a break and we're gonna talk about Finding Dory, okay?
So I heard that you just watched Finding Nemo for the first time.
I liked Dory, because you're the voice of Dory and you're my friend.
- Aw! - Yes.
Did you know that it was me, could you tell it was me being Dory?
- Yes. - Yes,
what was your favorite part about the movie?
When Dory says there Mr. Grumpy Gills.
(laugh) And when Dory speaks Whale
and when Dory forgets things.
Yeah, Dory forgets things a lot.
You don't forget things do you?
- No. - No.
(laugh) You don't forget anything.
- No. - Do you speak Whale also,
did you learn how to speak Whale?
I'm fine my Whale, I still think Dory's better.
Your Dory's better?
- Yes. - Let's hear you speak Whale if you want.
How are you?
(applause) It's a little baby whale.
Okay, I am fine.
So you're gonna go to the... I invited you to come to the Finding Dory premiere.
Are you excited?
I am really excited.
Yeah. I can't wait.
I'm so happy you're gonna see it.
I think you're gonna like it a whole lot.
And did you already pick out your outfit?
What your gonna wear?
No, not yet.
Well, I got you something so if you wanna wear it.
This is you have your very own little Dory outfit.
And you have little shoes that you can wear also with Dory on it.
Dory. Oh my goodness Brielle.
Look at that.



【エレンの部屋】癒される!ブリーレちゃんの生物授業 (Brielle's Biology Lesson)

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