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As we all know, from colonial times up until the 1960'sc
tobacco formed a huge part of American culture. Everybody smoked.
It was recommended by doctors. And it formed part of the social fabric.
Then 2 and 2 was slowly put together and the effects of tobacco were recognized.
This was fiercely resisted by the tobacco industry which had an incentive
to keep people trapped in a vicious cycle, however destructive .
But as research grew it was hard to deny what was going on.
Today we're facing a new tobacco that's quietly taking the world by storm.
It has been called one of the fastest moving, most global experiments
ever unconsciously conducted. Internet pornography.
So our sexual drive is obviously natural and part of the human experience.
However modern porn aimed almost universally at men
has hijacked our sexuality in a way
our evolutionary brains were never equipped to handle.
Research is shedding light on some of the effects
that widespread consumption of porn maybe having.
Porn delivered over the internet in infinite variation
exploits a phenomenon known as the Coolidge Effect,
named for an urban legend about former President Calvin Coolidge.
As the president and his wife were separately touring a farm,
the farmers pointed out a rooster to Mrs. Coolidge
that fertilized hens dozens of times a day.
Maybe a little bit jealous the first lady said: "Tell that to Mr. Coolidge."
When the President later saw the rooster and heard the story,
he asked if it was the same hen every time.
No. (Laughter)
The farmers explained, "It's always a different hen."
And the President replied "Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."
So what was Coolidge demonstrating here, other than he's an asshole?
I don't know why you're laughing.
Male arousal gradually decreases with the same mate.
But returns in full force with a potential new mate.
Thus its novelty not simply sex in general
that from a biological perspective dominated male arousal.
This is seen across mammalian species.
Porn appeared in the evolutionary blink of an eye
and thus overloads this mechanism
in a way our evolutionary ancestors were never even close to have experienced.
Porn has been shown to abuse the same neural reward pathways
as many traditional drugs such as cocaine.
And it leads to a gradual readjustment to the unnatural super stimuli.
In effect, the overload of porn becomes normal to the brain.
This quickly spirals downwards
as viewers pursue ever more extreme porn to get the same high.
As rapper Lil Wayne once wisely said:
"It's like as soon as I cum, I come to my senses."
We've got some Weezy fans in here.
So what does all this do in practice?
Well building and maintaining a long-term relationship
or a marriage can already be challenging.
But porn can make it nearly impossible.
Aside from trying to maintain attraction to a partner
it's impossible to compete with the infinite free sexuality
available at the click of a button on the internet.
It's no surprise that porn has been connected
to everything from infidelity to divorce. But it also has other effects.
It's been shown to increase acceptance of violence against women.
While clearly everyone who views porn is not a rapist,
it's been shown to act as a predictor of rape on college campuses.
But porn is big business.
Worldwide the industry makes around $97 billion a year.
In perspective, here it is next to the revenues of some companies
we might think of as having a large cultural sway.
And we get a sense of just how big of a deal pornography really its.
Part of how all of this is sustained
is through the widespread abuse and exploitation of women.
The porn industry is tied to human trafficking and commercial prostitution,
providing an unending flow of women that have few other options.
To the public, the industry works to maintain a squeaky clean image
and continues to push the normalization of porn.
We have an abusive industry and a dangerous and dependency-forming product.
Porn doesn't give you lung cancer. The problems here are psychological.
But they're real and the parallels to big tobacco
a generation ago speak for themselves.
There's been resistance to porn as long as porn's existed.
But in recent years a new grassroots response has emerged.
Different communities have appeared on the internet but one particularly large one
is a section of the social site Reddit called NoFap.
NoFap is a play on fapping, slang for masturbation,
and is an open forum for people, men and women,
sharing their experiences quitting porn.
Founded by 25-year-old web developer Alexander Rhodes,
NoFap is secular although all beliefs are welcome.
It serves to provide peer support for those trying to reboot their sexuality
by going long periods of time, often months,
abstaining from porn and masturbation.
Contrary to popular belief that gets easier over time, not harder.
NoFap users keep badges next to their posts and comments
indicating how long they've gone without porn or masterbating.
Even over the anonymity of the internet
some people don't want their virtual identities associated with porn.
And a separate forum community on NoFap.com
has outpaced growth of the community on Reddit,
and is one of the few old-style internet forums actually still growing.
The stories on NoFap are incredible.
Also what people do to stop masturbating.
But it's all worth it, as one user summed up:
"Porn ostracizes you from your loved ones. It separates you.
What we do here, it brings you together."
Now I grew up Christian and I certainly identify as Christian today.
My whole life I avoided porn; when I discovered NoFap
I realized how fortunate I was to have that idea in the first place,
and how large of a problem it is for many many others.
I'm amazed that people from all walks of life have discovered this issue
and addressed it in their own lives and thousands of strangers
are giving each other profound support on their common journey.
But I noticed a common challenge with NoFap.
There's a lot of great content floating around the internet community
to keep yourself motivated it could be hard to get you in the moment.
So with some naive enthusiasm to help, I created a panic button
that you click to show motivational and inspriational content.
Some of it directly related to porn and some not.
This was not intended to be big and it's not technically sofistacted.
But I thought the community might like access to centralized motivation.
When NoFap put the button up 3,000 people used it on the first day.
Today the panic button is used millions of times a year
by people around the world trying to kick their porn habits.
The community suggested users can even submit content for others to see.
And of course the whole thing is open-source.
With all this traffic you can get some interesting data.
People quitting porn on NoFap are primarily young,
the majority actually below 25.
Faith is important for some
but the majority of NoFap is non-religious, around 80%.
This is far from a male-only problem, but it is overwhelmingly male, over 90%.
As we can see here California is clearly the horniest state.
But they're probably just the most populous.
This movement touches on a lot of issues from gender to politics, to economics,
none of which I'm qualified to talk about.
What I can attest to is the emergent culture
surrounding this idea of avoiding porn and maturation.
In the Internet, where misogyny is sometimes the norm, a community
has built around preparing and maintaining real life relationships,
undoing what porn made men think of women and bringing back our healthy sexuality.
But that's not it.
NoFap has heart lifting stories about saved relationships and marriages,
but also saved careers, ambition, creativity and drive so profound
that the community has dubbed the effects of quitting porn superpowers.
Abstaining from ejaculation for about 7-days
has been shown to increase testosterone in men by about 45%,
becoming something of a yuppy phenomenon,
appearing in major cultural sources like The Huffington Post and Vice,
but also places like Business Insider.
Young men are avoiding the numbing effect of porn
not simply for sexual or ethical reasons
but to gain an edge in their careers and lives.
As one user explained:
"I've been able to do things I never thought I'd be able to do:
asking a girl to prom, starting and holding conversations with strangers,
being able to achieve when most people just throw in the towel
at the first sign of adversity."
So despite the doom and gloom I see this as a positive story
about how the human spirit is alive and well.
The growth of NoFap epitomizes the double-edged sword of technology.
It can tear people down or it can help them up.
But it also highlights the kind of conversations
that we need to have culturally in a fundamentally free society.
Thank you.



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