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  • Hello, how's it going?

  • In today's episode I have a great question from Mihai.

  • Mihai asks, I need to improve my resume and my CV.

  • I'm applying for a new job.

  • How can I describe my computer skills in English?

  • This is an awesome, awesome question.

  • So I want to answer this.

  • Just before I forget, I want to make sure that I mention,

  • if you're looking for practice, maybe for a job interview,

  • and you need to improve your speaking skills,

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  • OK, so, describing your computer skills in English for your resume

  • I have five different words that I want you to use.

  • Ranging from you have little experience

  • to lots of experience.

  • First of all, you need to know what program,

  • or what computer thing, that you're talking about.

  • Maybe, for example, you want to talk

  • about your skill in coding.

  • So HTML.

  • This could be replaced by anything,

  • but let's just say HTML.

  • At the beginner range you could say, learning HTML.

  • You don't need to say, I am learning.

  • That would be OK for a cover letter when you write in full phrases, but on a resume

  • we typically would list computer skills in one section with bullet points and phrases,

  • not complete sentences.

  • So learning HTML, or beginner in HTML, or knowledge of HTML.

  • Actually, those are three different ways

  • that you can say beginner.

  • Now, next level up I'm going to share with you how

  • to say beginner, intermediate, and advanced in some good words.

  • Some native ways of writing our resumes.

  • Next level up you could say proficient in HTML.

  • Skilled in HTML is another way.

  • Or intermediate in HTML.

  • Those are three different ways that you can say that you're

  • pretty good at HTML.

  • But I wouldn't say, on your resume,

  • I'm pretty good at HTML.

  • That's just a little too casual.

  • On a resume its important to be native-like, but not casual.

  • Right?

  • We want to use the appropriate words,

  • so that's what I'm sharing with you in this episode.

  • And finally, if you are advanced in this topic, HTML

  • for example, say, expert in HTML.

  • Or another way you could say this

  • is, proven expertise in HTML.

  • Now remember, you can replace HTML with another program or skill, such as Microsoft Office

  • or something else.

  • So those are three ways to say, advanced, expert and proven expertise.

  • I said I was going to tell you five ways,

  • but then I thought of more, so you're actually

  • getting nine different ways to talk about your computer skills in English.

  • You're welcome.

  • Which one do you choose?

  • Well, I would go with the-- either one of the words that I suggested

  • that are not beginner, intermediate,

  • or advanced.

  • I like knowledge of, or proficient in, or expert in.

  • Those are my favorites, but you know,

  • there's more than one way to talk about your skills--

  • your computer skills-- in English.

  • I wish you the best of luck with updating your CV and your resume.

  • And if you want to practice for your job interview,

  • remember that there's a special, for you,

  • from my friends at italki for one-on-one English lessons.

  • And you can learn more about how to get the one-on-one--

  • two-for-one offer, through

  • I-T-A-L-K-I. Thanks so much for watching.

  • Be sure to subscribe to Go Natural English.

  • Why wouldn't you?

  • You want to get fluent, right?

  • And I will talk to you soon.

  • Bye for now.

Hello, how's it going?


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