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  • The Korean Peninsula might be one of the most incongruous areas in the world. At one end

  • lies the impoverished, censored, terrifying Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. On the other

  • end is the wealthy, hyper-successful, Westernized nation of South Korea. Of course, by comparison,

  • South Korea obviously comes out on top, but we wanted to see how South Korea ranks with

  • the rest of the world. So, how powerful is South Korea?

  • Well, South Korea, also known as theRepublic of Koreais about 38 and a half thousand

  • square miles, which is actually surprisingly small. Theyre a little smaller than the

  • US state of Pennsylvania, and rank about 109th in the world for area. Within this relatively

  • small area live about 49 million people, putting them about 17rd in the world for population

  • density. So what does this tightly compact mass of people do? Well, in a word, theyexcel”.

  • South Korea is the most developed East Asian country, and one of the most highly developed

  • in the world. On the Human Development Index, South Korea beats out Japan as a result of

  • their ultra-high standard of living, level of income, education standards, and quality

  • of healthcare. In the 1960s, their GDP was roughly the same as that of many poor African

  • countries. Today they are the 14th largest economy in the world, with a GDP of 1.3 trillion

  • dollars. They managed this through unparalleled growth during the second half of the 20th

  • century, in a period calledthe Miracle on the Han River”. Since then, theyve

  • invested in high techchaebolsor conglomerate companies to further strengthen their economy.

  • One of the largest cell phone manufacturers on earth, Samsung, is located in South Korea,

  • along with shipping giant Hyundai, and electronics producer, LG. The demand for South Korea’s

  • yield has made them the 6th largest exporter overall. And it’s also because of this focus

  • on tech that South Korea boasts the world’s fastest internet speeds. However, all this

  • rapid industrialization also means that South Korea is one of the worst carbon emissions

  • polluters.

  • So with high marks in nearly every other regard, how does South Korea fare militarily? Even

  • higher. South Korea has the 7th most powerful military in the world, and is the smallest

  • country within the top ten list. South Korea uses its manufacturing and technology prowess

  • to produce highly advanced weaponry to compliment their existing US and EU made tech. Additionally,

  • the Republic of Korea has a strong military partnership with the US’s even stronger

  • military, in what is known as the ROK-US Alliance. One of Korea’s biggest reasons for having

  • such a powerful military is their neighbor to the North. North Korea has a long standing

  • habit of attempting to provoke South Korea, and the two still maintain a heavily militarized

  • border known as the DMZ.

  • So where does that leave the question at hand? Well, considering that Korea dominates most

  • of the world in terms of standard of living, economy, military, education, healthcare,

  • and technology, there is no question that the Republic of Korea is surprisingly, and

  • undeniably, super powerful.

  • Will South and North Korea ever reunite? Weve got a video on the subject right

  • here.. Thanks as always for watching. Make sure youre subscribed so you don’t miss

  • our next one!

The Korean Peninsula might be one of the most incongruous areas in the world. At one end


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韓国はどれだけの力を持っているのか? (How Powerful Is South Korea?)

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