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Welcome to How To Cook That. I am Ann Reardon
And today, yes, I've heard all your requests! We are making an inside out cake. And because
it is inside out, we have crazy colours on the out side and on the inside.
I want to know who your favourite character from the movie was. I liked Joy. Let me know who you liked
in the comments below.
Now to make this to start with, you will need to make one sponge cake, and you are going
to need to bake it and cool it and then crumble it up. You can do that by hand or if you have
a food processor you can use that instead.
Now you need to make up another batch of the sponge cake recipe - I have a video showing
how to make this cake. And I'll put everything you need to know for this cake on thehowtocookthat.net
recipe post for this week and I'll put a link to that below.
Once you've made your batter. Grab four bowls and put 1 cup of those cake crumbs into each one.
Then add half a cup of the cake batter and stir it through until you get a thick
paste that can hold it's own shape.
Next we want to colour each bowl by mixing in some food colouring. I am going to make
some blue for sadness, green for disgust, orange for joy - they were kind of orangey
yellow but orange looks better in the cake and red for anger.
Then take the remaining cake batter and fold through some pink and blue food colour to
make a purple.
Add a scoop of the purple to the bottom of three lined 20cm or 8" round cake tins.
Then put the coloured mixture into a piping bag fitted with a large round piping tip.
And pipe a circle of blue into the pan. Then in the next pan pipe a different sized circle of blue,
so when you slice the cake the blue dots are in different places.
They are not just all lined up down as you go. Now I've seen this effect done using cake
pop balls before, but if you do it that way, when you cut into the cake only some slices
are going to have some of the centre of the balls, and other slices are going to have the
edges of them, and it is just not going to look good and even.
Doing it this way means all the slices look exactly the same. We are baking it in three
tins instead of two because the circles sink to the bottom. So we are going to make three
making three thinner layers of cakes with circles through them.
Then add the rest of the purple cake batter over the top. and bake it in the oven until
they are cooked. Then let them cool and level off the tops.
Put some purple frosting onto a cake board, add your first layer of cake then more frosting.
And continue to stack up your layers. Use a spatula to smooth the frosting that is around
the edge of the cake into those gaps there. Then put the remaining frosting into a piping
bag fitted with a large flat piping tip. Pipe a thin layer of frosting over the whole cake.
I am using a bought frosting today, and no one in my family liked the taste of this compared
to homemade. So I'd suggest you use the recipe that I'll put on the website for you.
Use your spatula to smooth it off, or you can use the back of a large knife if you don't
have a spatula. Just look in your draw and use what you've got. Now we are going to decorate
the sides, so don't worry about getting them perfect. Smooth off the top and then place
it onto your plate or cake platter.
Take some gum balls and put them in a plastic bag and then add some white luster dust, shake
the bag and rub it around until the gum balls all have a fine coat of the luster dust and
this gives them like a shimmery effect like the memories in the inside out movie.
Add a row of gum balls all the way around the base of your cake. Then take some bubble
gum tape and stretch it along one edge to make it curve around. If it is breaking it
may help to warm it in the microwave for 10 seconds particularly if it is cold where you
live. Once you have a nice rounded piece add it on top of the gumballs around the cake.
If you can't get bubble gum tape where you live you could use fondant for this instead.
Add another row of memories and then bubble gum tape and continue all the way to the top.
To make the console take some white fondant and roll it into a thick cylinder. Put it
up on one end and using the edges of your palms of your hand roll and put pressure in
the middle so it becomes fatter at the top and bottom and skinnier in the middle. Then
shape it to be more of an oval shape as you go. Then use your fingers just to smooth down
and flatten around the top edge of the console. And then run a knife around the edge just to make sure
it is nice and smooth and even.
Then add two cake pop sticks down into the base. And these will just make sure that it
stands up on the cake and doesn't fall over. Then poke that into the top of the cake towards
the front edge of it. Now for some control buttons. Use a piping tip to make some big
circles and the other side of it to make smaller ones draw some lines with a knife and decorations
and some edible food colouring wherever you want them to be.
In the movie if you've seen it then you will already know the five main characters were
the emotions anger, fear, joy, disgust and sadness and they control Riley's the thoughts
and behaviours using this control panel.
Now it's a bit of a deep movie so a deep question for you... other than these emotions what
else should be involved in leading your thoughts and your behaviour? So for example in the
car this week someone side swiped our car and they didn't even stop they just drove off.
Should you be sad and angry and chase them down and get road rage happening.
Or should we have other things involved there like wisdom and self-control, what about things
like patience, and kindness and gentleness and peace, goodness, your other values - where
do you get those from? Let me know in the comments below what do you think other than
your emotions what should control your thoughts and your behaviour?
Now we can add our characters to the top of the cake. Now we could make all of these out
of fondant but you've been asking for an easy cake - adding toys to the top is definitely
the easiest way to make a cake. Then of course when you take a slice of the cake you will
reveal all the memories inside too.
Subscribe to how to cook that for more cakes, chocolates and desserts, click here for the
recipe, here for last weeks bean boozled challenge, here for all of my other videos.
This cake was requested by Sofia, Litzy, Pinkgummybear, Faith, Zeinab, Kensey, Jekaylee and all
these wonderful subscribers.
Put your requests int he comments below.
Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday - we'll actually I might put up a bonus
video this week so look out for that one too.
[music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permssion]



INSIDE OUT CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon Disney Pixar Movie Cake

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