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I’m proud to be English, my family have served and we’ve defended this country
and we’ve been to war for this country.
I’m really patriotic about Bangladesh.
I am 100% Icelandic, yeah, definitely.
This is a Kurdish wedding
with my mum in the traditional Kurdish cloth.
We’re just proud blacks, so that’s it.
Yeah, I think we are probably the best country in the world, if I’m honest.
Think about other countries and other nationalities in the world,
are there any that you don’t feel you get on with well, or you won’t like, particularly?
Germany, yeah, I’m not a fan of the Germans.
You might think they’re a little bit …
Particularly India and Pakistan probably because of the whole, you know, the conflict.
Cause I have this side of me that’s like …
that hates Turkish people – not people! But the government!
But French?
We’re just the best, you know, it’s just fact.
I’m more important than you.
I don’t know you, but in my opinion I am strong, and I am more important than a lot of people.
How would you feel about taking a journey based on your DNA?
Yeah, I’d feel very intrigued.
What could you possibly tell me that I don’t know?
So do you know how DNA works?
So you get half from mum, and half from dad,
so 50% from each of them, and they get 50% from their parents,
and back, and back and back.
And all those little bits of your ancestor, they filter down to make you, you.
I need you to spit in this tube for me.
Just spit up to the little black line.
That’s a lot of spit.
The story of you, is in that tube.
What’s it going to tell me?
It’s going to be, ‘oh yeah, you’re French’, and, ‘wait, your grandparents are French’, and, ‘wait …’
100% Bengali.
Solid Iraqi.
I’m Cuban!
It’s going to tell me that I’m English, like I’ve told you.
Jay? Can you come down and join us?
I’m a little bit nervous, I have to say.
So are you ready to find out your results?
Will you read it out to us, please?
Wow, look at me!
Oh my God.
Oh … wow...
… I didn’t expect that.
All of them.
Whoa …
No … No …
Caucasus? Which was …
Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece.
I’m 32% British?
Great Britain, 30% …
5% …
I’m Irish?
So I’m a Muslim Jew.
Great Britain, 11% – are you sure these results are mine?
Eastern Europe? Seriously?
Iceland has definitely moved closer to Europe now.
I’m going to go a bit far right now, but this should be compulsory.
There would be no such thing as, like, extremism in the world, if people knew their heritage like that.
Like, who would be stupid enough to think of such a thing as, like, a pure race?
In a way, we’re all kind of cousins, in a broad sense.
In a much more direct sense. You have a cousin, in this room.
Uh uh …
Turn around, and guess who it is.
Yeah, what’s that?
Why don’t you come down here and meet your cousin?
Oh my God …
Did you know that?
I didn’t, I had no idea … this is like …
my heart’s pounding right now, I swear to God.
You have more in common with the world than you think.
I’m Jay from everywhere by the reads of this.
I’m a real man of the world.
That’s beautiful, thank you.
So would you like to travel to all of these places?
Hell yeah!
Oh yeah
An open world begins with an open mind



【感動】DNA テストで先祖を遡る (momondo – The DNA Journey)

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韓澐 2017 年 1 月 13 日 に公開
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