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Propane Safety Tips: Whether you're grilling or just storing your tank, learn
how to stay safe with these tips. Do not bring your propane tank indoors for any
reason. All propane usage, inspections, storage or refills should be done
outside. Always keep your propane tank upright and secure. We recommend using a
tank foot, ez-go
other tank holder while storing your tank to keep it stable. Wipe down your
propane tank with a solution of soapy water to check for leaks. If a leak is
present, bubbles will form. If you find a leak, turn the valve off and check
the system. Propane in its natural state is odorless. Rotten egg odor is added to
propane for safety. If you notice the smell, remove any source of flame from
the area,
turn the valve off and have your propane tank serviced. Do not smoke or light an
open flame near propane tanks. Never leave your propane tank in an enclosed
vehicle this will cause the pressure relief valve to open, filling your car
with dangerous flammable explosive propane vapor. If this happens, call the fire
department right away.
When a propane tank is manufactured, air gets into the tank. The air needs to be
purged from the tank for two reasons: 1, the air can cause the odor that is added to
the propane to fade. 2, when propane is added to air their two of the three
items needed for a fire. All that is needed is a small spark and the tank can
explode. If your tank is 12 years or older,
it must be re- qualified before it is safe for refill or usage. Find a local commercial
dealer to re-qualify your tank. After your tank has been requalified, your
tank is good for another five years.
Small vertical propane cylinders, forty pounds and smaller must be equipped with
an overfill protection device. Before using your small so make sure it is
properly equipped with an opt valve. ASME cylinders, small horizontal cylinders and
large vertical cylinders can be over filled. For more information, on propane
safety and other propane tips visit uhaul.com/propane.


Propane Safety Tips

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