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and we let appropriate customers test-drive the Testarossa.
But you're 17 and with a blind companion. That we don't do.
This is a $190,OOO piece of machinery.
- l'm not letting it out this door. - How 'bout this one over here ?
That's a Cabriolet T. The same deal.
Think l'm gonna let an unaccompanied kid get behind the wheel of a $110,OOO car ?
He will not be unaccompanied.
l'll be with him. l'm his father.
- You're his father ? - Yes.
l have an idea. Why don't l take your father for a test-drive ?
- What's your quota, Freddie ? - Don't worry about my quota. l do well.
How many Ferraris you sold this month ?
That's not relevant to this discussion.
Freddie, the 80s are over.
Are you tryin' to tell me these are just walkin' outta the store ?
This is a Ferrari, the finest machinery made in the automobile industry.
lf you like it that much, why are you sellin' it ?
- l'd love to accommodate you -- - If this car performs the way l expect it to,
you'll get a certified check of $101,OOO and change when in you come tomorrow.
lt's $109,OOO, plus $950, plus tax.
Freddie, for you...
107 all in,
plus a case of champagne to go with your leftover turkey.
What do you say ? Don't worry about the boy.
He drives so smooth, you can boil an egg on the engine.
When we bring the car back, l'll peel the egg for ya.
Listen, you made me laugh, but l can't let the car go out.
Want a deposit ?
This is not an installment item, sir.
Freddie, you're no spring chicken, are ya ?
Well, you know what they call me at the home office ? The gray ghost.
You know why they still keep me around ?
There's no kid here that can move a Ferrari like l can.
l'm known from coast to coast like butter and toast.
Ask anybody about Freddie Bisco.
When l get a Ferrari... out the door !
- Hah ! You iust made me laugh. - Yeah ?
Two thousand.
Unless you take it, you're gonna make me cry.
l'm a gray ghost too.


Scent of a Woman (5/8) Movie CLIP - Gray Ghosts (1992) HD

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