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  • The wonder of a brand new life

  • but oh this wonder comes at such a cost

  • I'll never be the girl I used to be back then

  • and I'll never find the one again

  • Awww

  • Let's make a move, take a shot, you can find the one again

  • It's never gonna happen.

  • You gotta shake what you've got, you can find the one again

  • Nope, it's totally hopeless...

  • You want cute, you want speed,

  • I want hot, you want fine

  • Look at all the choices!

  • You can do it online!

  • It's time for you to shine, you can find the one again!

  • Come on girls!

  • Here we go, now follow me

  • You can find the one

  • Make it fit, show the line, find the perfect design,

  • You did a awe job now let me do mine

  • You wanna push it, wanna boost it, wanna lift it, wanna show it

  • you can mix it, imagine it

  • just let you and let them know it

  • You wanted dressy, classy, gentle and wassy,

  • Anything from understated to super sexy,

  • Don't you sit there a moment,

  • girl the door is open,

  • any shape, any style

  • I can find the one again! (Find the one!)

  • Look at your mommy! Isn't she gorgeous?

  • Find the one bra for you.

  • Reclaim your shape.

The wonder of a brand new life


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CGIアニメスポットHD「Triumph - Find The One...もう一度!」 by, ストーリーズAG, ブランチ (CGI Animated Spot HD: "Triumph - Find The One.. Again!" by, Stories AG, Brunch)

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