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  • With the rise of - and burgeoning prevalence of - newer, more insidious IAP payment models,

  • I feel this review should come with a strong disclaimer.

  • If you love racing for the sake of racing; if fine tuning lap times in gorgeously crafted

  • replicas of famous tracks, in gorgeously crafted replicas of famous vehicles is your 'thing',

  • then Real Racing 3 is the bargain of a lifetime. For absolutely no entry fee you can enjoy

  • everything the game has to offer as long as you're willing to suffer the 'cost' of waiting

  • for the game to once again give you control.

  • Beating at the heart of Real Racing 3 is the fire-baptized, fuel-powered, engine-throbbing

  • heart of a magnificently presented racing simulator. Difficulty scaling ranges all the

  • way from casual, almost 'Arcade' like handling, to tough-as-nails simulation where every control

  • you need is placed at your fingertips. While true multiplayer is currently (and understandably)

  • absent from the game, the AI is directly influenced by your friends on Gamecenter and Facebook

  • (as well as a smattering of other random players).

  • Dubbed 'Time Shifted Multiplayer', the end result is an always changing, always unique

  • race experience. However, it has its downsides; notably you have no real control over who

  • you're paired with and while you'll often find yourself amongst the company of peers,

  • you'll occasionally be thrown up against seriously under-geared or worst of all, over-geared

  • opponents, destroying the flow of progression entirely.

  • However, I've danced around the issue for too long. While the heart of RR3 may be that

  • of a thoroughbred racer, it's surrounded by an all but impenetrable IAP system designed

  • to exact payment from the player over and over again. Much like a 'Freemium' title,

  • almost every ancillary action you take requires a combination of basic in-game currency and

  • either time or 'gold', the game's 'premium' currency.

  • Just purchased a car? You'll have to wait for that to be 'shipped'. Need to juice up

  • your car to keep up with the competition? You'll pay and wait for that too. So far,

  • so normal, but the rabbit-hole goes deeper.

  • Damage you sustain to your vehicle in a race is considered persistent and will carry on

  • between races. The damage directly affects the performance of your vehicle, so you'll

  • want to fix it as soon as possible... only you'll have to pay, and yes, wait for the

  • damage to be reversed. Oh, did I mention that repairs are carried out sequentially and not

  • in parallel? For every piece you repair, the repair time total is increased.

  • ... But wait, there's more.

  • All of this could be forgiven if the cash-flow was enough to support smooth progression.

  • Sadly, the anemic rewards make it hard to keep a single vehicle at a competitive level,

  • let alone the running costs of repairing said vehicle as well. It doesn't stop at maintenance

  • either. Vehicles must be bought to participate in 'Showcase' matches (if you don't already

  • own them), and simply using your vehicle will eventually require top ups on engine oil,

  • replacement brakes/tires and so on.

  • As mentioned in the disclaimer, you can forgive all of this if you're patient, but the fact

  • remains that even those who choose to cough up the cash will be nickle-and-dimed in to

  • spending their premium currency until they're back to square one. It's no wonder full multiplayer

  • features had to be left off the table - as it is having your face melted by a 'TSM' boosted

  • AI from a player who has paid their way to a better vehicle can cheat you out of a podium

  • position; to have to play against a 'pay to win' player in real time would be crushing.

  • There's a pervasive sense of being able to look, but not touch. This is a game that says

  • 'wouldn't it be great to enjoy all of this?' and then makes you wait, albeit a nominal

  • time, but wait none-the-less. You could spend all day racing at lower tiers and attempt

  • to avoid collisions, but you'd still be forced to 'maintain' the vehicle at some point, cutting

  • you off from the gameplay. You could race another vehicle, but you'll only burn through

  • your resources twice as fast, once again cutting yourself off from the flow of progression.

  • Despite the brilliantly implemented controls that provide an almost visceral level of feedback;

  • despite the sharp, industry leading graphical technology that has to be seen on the best

  • iOS devices to truly believe them; despite the incredibly engaging 'Time Shifted Multiplayer'

  • concept making the AI feel better than ever; all of this is undercut by a need to force

  • the player to stop playing and open their wallet.

  • Ultimately the IAP model drives a wedge between the player and the game on offer. If Real

  • Racing 3 has anything to offer, it's a kind of martyrdom. For a game considered to be

  • one of the major releases of the year to fall so low shows just how toxic this kind of game

  • implementation has become.

With the rise of - and burgeoning prevalence of - newer, more insidious IAP payment models,


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