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  • (upbeat music)

  • ^ - Today I'm going to be like a bunny rabbit

  • ^in Munich, hoppin' on and hoppin' off

  • ^this big bus, I'm going to check out all

  • ^the major sites, let's have some fun.

  • All right, I just jumped of the bus

  • and now I am in Marienplatz.

  • This is the city center, the pulse,

  • of Munich and this is where everything happens.

  • The beautiful architecture, people walking around

  • from all over the world, and there's some beer gardens

  • nearby so let's go check it out.

  • All right, let's go!

  • This, my friends, is the most famous beer house

  • in the world, the Hofbrauhaus,

  • the beers are giant, the pretzels are giant,

  • they have live music; it's a lot of fun, I'm excited.

  • Let's go.

  • The inside is a total madhouse, so I came out here

  • to the beautiful garden to enjoy my nice beer in peace.

  • ^(upbeat music)

  • It is an absolutely beautiful day,

  • so I'm going to go check out the English Garden.

  • You'd think that I would be hundreds of miles away

  • from the nearest German city, but I'm right here,

  • in the heart of Munich, in the English Park.

  • I love it, it's huge, it's green,

  • there's waterfalls, there's rivers, there's lakes.

  • There's animals, there's people,

  • this is a good city park.

  • All right, I saw everything I could

  • ever imagine seeing in Munich today.

  • What an awesome time.

  • Now, I think, it's time for a beer.

(upbeat music)


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ミュンヘン市内ホップオンホップオフツアー (Munich City Hop-on Hop-off Tour)

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