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  • Why do we need the dog?

  • lt's not the dog we need.


  • Right.

  • What did he say?


  • What did he say? He said, ''An 'edge is an 'edge.

  • ''He only chopped it down 'cause it spoilt his view.

  • ''What's Reaper moaning about?''

  • Right.

  • Look, l appreciate your position, Mr. Webley,

  • but you can't go around chopping down other people's hedges

  • without permission.


  • ''Yes, l suppose.''

  • Thank you.

  • All right.

  • Mr. Webley, l trust you have a license for that firearm?

  • He does for this one.

  • What do you mean by ''this one''?

  • By the power of Gray Skull.

  • Where on earth did you get these?

  • Found them. He found them!

  • And what is this?

  • Sea mine.

  • Sea mine.

  • Well, Mr. Webley, this is an extremely dangerous collection.

  • lt's a wonder nobody's been hurt before.

  • No, it's iust a lot ofjunk.



  • ANGEL: Move, move, move!

  • (COW MOOlNG)

  • TURNER: You what?

  • No, apparently it's been deactivated. Over.

  • That's right, deactivated!

  • lt's not live. It looks live.

  • All rĂ­ght.

Why do we need the dog?


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ホットファズ (4/10) Movie CLIP - シーマイン (2007) HD (Hot Fuzz (4/10) Movie CLIP - Sea Mine (2007) HD)

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