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Almost ready!
This just looks fabulous!
Where are the girls? I can’t wait to eat!
Of course the girls are late!
I’m just going to have some wine while I wait.
Joushi (Boss), sorry, we're late!
Finally! Come on in!
Wow, this is so cute!
This is so nice!
I can’t cook,
but I know how to set tables.
That’s why I have potluck parties!
Oh, Joushi (Boss)!
This is our roommate, Chika.
Hi, it’s so nice to finally meet you.
Yes, hello Chika! It is so nice to meet you!
Joushi seems like she’s really kigen ga ii.
How do you say kigen ga ii in English?
Joushi (boss) is in a good mood!
Oh, please put your stuff down on the the table.
She’s probably happy that she can talk to Chika in English.
She doesn’t seem like she has many friends.
Oooh, that looks delicious!
It’s mac and cheese with bacon.
Is this KRAFT’s 100% Parmesan cheese?
that’s right…
Oh, Chika, I think we’re going to get along very well!
Oh, yay...
I wonder if she’d be nicer to me if I spoke English.
I can’t believe none of you guys drink.
I bought such good wine.
So who brought this bruschetta?
Is this you, Erika?
The bruschetta? Yes, I made.
Oh, Joushi (Boss), that bruschetta...
How do you say
it tastes even better with cheese on it?
This bruschetta would taste even better with a little bit of parmesan cheese.
What she said.
I brought it because it goes well with cheese!
Fine, how do you say the cheese gets rid of the acidic taste of the tomatoes.
and kind of makes it mild and a little creamy?
The cheese gets rid of the acidic taste of the tomatoes.
and kind of makes it mild and even a little creamy.
Yeah, just like that.
Great recipe, Erika.
Just one little tip.
Add some cheese.
Hey Joushi (Boss)?
What is this,
That is parmesan spinach dip.
It’s one of my favorite recipes.
Oh, it’s very good!
Isn’t it delicious?
It is so easy to make.
Just take a bag of frozen spinach. Thaw it.
And then you’re going to squeeze all of the water.
Chop it up.
and then you mix it with some cream cheese, mayonnaise,
minced garlic, chopped up onions.
oh, and I like to microwave my onions for about a minute before I put them in.
Oh, and of course Parmesan cheese.
You're going to use about half a bottle.
and some black pepper and paprika, and you’re all set.
Wow, easy!
Oh, my. I still haven’t tried your mac and cheese.
Yeah, please try some.
Looks so good!
oh, I don’t think you need any more cheese.
I put a lot on there.
Oh, don’t be silly, Dear.
You can never have enough cheese.
Oh my.
Sachiko, Joushi (Boss) is crying …
Joushi (Boss), what’s wrong?
This just reminds me of the mac and cheese
my mother used to make.
Are you okay?
I’m sorry girls, I’ve just been a little bit homesick lately.
I mean, that’s why I’ve been carrying around this bottle of cheese everywhere I go.
It reminds me of home.
That’s why!
But does it really need to be cheese??
Every American kitchen has a bottle of this.
We top our spaghetti with it.
we put it on our salads, on our pastas.
and you know, it actually goes really well with a lot of Japanese dishes.
curry, udon, okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, yakisoba
Yakisoba is kind of like pasta, right?
and when you sprinkle some of this magic on a tonkatsu,
it turns into a breaded parmesan pork cutlet.
I can see that.
By the way, there’s one more.
One more Japanese dish that goes well with parmesan cheese!
Tada~ (jajan)
That’s the perfect dish you’ve been keeping a secret?!
No… not a good idea!
Joushi (Boss) and natto? I don’t know about that.
What is that??
wara natto!
It’s fermented beans wrapped in straw.
Sounds interesting…
Smells more interesting.
It looks kind of sticky, and a little slimy.
You really don’t have to, if you don’t want to.
Right, Sachiko? She doesn’t have to eat it.
Yes, she does, Chika. She has to eat it.
Please try.
I’m open to new things.
Let’s try some of this natto!
The more I stir the stickier and gooier it gets.
Wow, very stringy.
Open to new things!
Not bad!
I kind of like it!
You two, please try some!
It’s good!
Good! It’s good!
It doesn’t taste strange at all!
How do you say desho in English?
Right? It’s good, right?
If you want to be more like “hora!”
You can say “see” or “I told you so!"
mm, good.
It gets rid of the blah aftertaste of the natto.
and you just smell the cheese!
Chika-san, your food report is terrible as always.
How do you say "atoaji"?
Yes, the aftertaste is quite nice. It's just .. the cheese,
the parmesan cheese just spreads in my mouth.
Natto and cheese good on spaghetti too!
Wait, she didn’t even make anything!
I know.


食事で使える英会話☆上司のお家でポットラックパーティー♪ // (Potluck party!〔# 312〕)

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