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  • Hey guys! We have a brand new show to introduce to you!

  • After months of collaboration, How It Should Have Ended and Screen Junkies have

  • been working together to bring you

  • After Credits: an animated show where we imagine what would happen in your favorite movies

  • if they were given an after credit scene.

  • So please enjoy our first episode.

  • Good job getting out of that space book shelf, Coop.

  • Now go steal a space ship and see Anne Hathaway.

  • She could probably use some company.

  • Welp, time to die.

  • (beeeep)

  • (gasp) OH my god, Coop, you made it back!

  • You're alive!

  • Yea...

  • You must have been too late to reunite with your daughter. I'm so sorry...

  • Nah, we chilled out for like a couple of minutes.

  • Wait, a a couple minutes??

  • Yea, then I split.

  • But you risked everything just to get home to her.

  • You even went to the wrong planet and got Rumley killed just so you could see her again!

  • Yea, but she was all old and stuff. I wasn't really into that.

  • Plus, her whole family was right there.

  • That's your family, too.

  • You realize that right?

  • We're all nobody's family. Living on the edge of a nice blade where time has no meaning.

  • The mongoose of death chasing the snake of life in an eternal cha-cha.

  • Where the only sane thing to do is pop your shirt off and get to dancing, comprende?

  • Ok... ugh.

  • Well, what about your son?

  • Did you see him?

  • Nah, he's dead.

  • He's dead?

  • It's fine, he was kind of a jerk.

  • Yea, screw what's his name. I never liked him anyway.

  • So, uh, what's there to do around here? Space baseball?

  • This is pretty much it.

  • Alriiiight.

  • What's with the cool pile of rocks?

  • I buried the love of my life.

  • So, you're single?

  • Alright, alright, alright.

  • Tars is single too, you know?

  • Set humor to zero percent.

  • Tars wasn't joking.

  • Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed our first episode of After Credits.

  • There are 3 more brand new episodes available on with a Plus membership.

  • Just click here to start your free month trial and check them out along with all the other

  • great exclusive content that they have over there.

  • We'll definitely have some episodes of After Credits debut here on our channel but

  • there will be many more on

  • So don't miss out on the fun! See ya next time!

Hey guys! We have a brand new show to introduce to you!


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インターステラー - クレジットの後 (Interstellar - After Credits)

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