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  • Is there a tree in your yard you want to cut down?

  • Well show you how to use a chain saw to fell treesthose with a diameter less

  • than the length of your saw’s cutting bar.

  • Before you start, be sure youre familiar with the operation of your saw and follow

  • all safety recommendations. For some tips, check out our How to Use & Maintain a Chainsaw

  • video.

  • For larger trees, trees that are near a structure, trees that you want to fell opposite of their

  • lean, or any tree you feel uncomfortable tacklingcall a professional.

  • Start by taking a good look at the area. Be sure there are no structures, power lines,

  • people or pets close to a radius the height of the tree. Then pick a direction you want

  • the tree to fall, and plan a clear escape pathopposite the direction of the fall

  • and at a 45-degree angle.

  • Clear the area around the tree, and make sure there are no loose branches overhead.

  • With the tree on your left, make a 70-degree cut on the side facing the direction you want

  • the tree to fall. Use the felling sight on the top of the saw as a guide. Cut to a depth

  • of about a quarter of the tree’s diameter. For the next cut, turn the saw sideways and

  • cut horizontally to meet your first cut, creating a notch. Be sure the cuts meet.

  • For the felling cut, move to the opposite side and make a horizontal cut slightly above

  • the previous cut.

  • Saw until you have enough room to insert a wedge. Then finish the cut being sure not

  • to touch the wedge with the blade. Don’t cut throughleave about 10 percent of

  • the width as a hinge. When the tree begins to fall, move away down your escape path.

  • Once the tree is down, remove the branchescalled limbing. Work carefully starting

  • at the base. You can cut downwardcalled a pulling

  • chainor cut upwardcalled a pushing chain. Offsetting cuts keep the chain from

  • binding. Limbs on the underside can be cut if you have a good working height. Limbs under

  • tension can be cut later when the tree can be turned.

  • Large branches can be under great tension and should be cut starting from the outside,

  • working toward the trunk.

  • When youve removed the limbs it’s time to cut the trunkcalled bucking. Look

  • for where the wood might compress as it’s cut. Cut a third of the way through the side

  • where compression might take place, then cut a 1-in offset from the opposite side to keep

  • the blade from binding and give you more control. A wedge can also be used to hold the gap.

  • For logs on the ground, cut through most of the way, then turn the log and finish the

  • cut so the blade doesn’t contact the ground. For logs supported on one end, cut up from

  • the bottom, then finish the cut on top.

  • Cut the pieces into manageable sizes and stack them away from the work area.

  • By working carefully and safely, youll successfully cut down that tree.

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  • Next, learn how to prune your hedges.

Is there a tree in your yard you want to cut down?


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木を切り倒す方法 (How To Cut Down A Tree)

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