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  • Hi Ryan. Hi.

  • We've received your overseas study application. Can you tell me a little bit

  • about yourself please?

  • uh... I am..a..Form 5 student..and I study in a Ch..

  • Thank a Chinese medium school

  • And I want to study overseas because

  • it is interesting And I want to learn better English

  • Okay. So you want to go overseas

  • To study English

  • What do you normally do to study English

  • What?

  • How do you study English?

  • ...How are you?

  • If you can’t understand what the person just said and you wanted to politely ask

  • them to repeat themselves, you could just saypardon me?’

  • Could you say it again please?’ or simplysorry?’. Bye-bye.

Hi Ryan. Hi.


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#5位 大学面接 大学面接~WSE英語教室シリーズ2 (#5 University Interview 大學面試 - WSE 英語教室 第二輯)

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