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  • Hey everyone Travis Robertson here real estate coach

  • and CEO and founder of Robertson coaching international, a company designed

  • to help

  • agents like you create businesses that support your life

  • not businesses that run your life. So what I want to talk with you about today

  • is the last of the five phases. We've been looking at the five different phases of

  • marketing,

  • five different phases that all your leads are gonna go through and we're

  • going to wrap it up now

  • with the last phase what we call post sale

  • marketing. post sale marketing and this is the second area

  • where most agents businesses fall off.

  • Now I'm also mention that each one of these phases has a question that you

  • have to answer

  • in your marketing plan. The question is how can you

  • stay top of mind with your past client and your sphere

  • of influence? See what happens is most agents when they

  • wrap up a deal, what do they do? They're on to the next client

  • and the reason is because they need to make money and they feel like you know

  • what

  • this person just spent all the money with me that they're going to spend with

  • me

  • and I'm gonna move on. Instead this is where your repeat and

  • referral business begins. So what does this look like?

  • I want to give you a couple ideas that our clients utilize to stay top of mind

  • with their past clients

  • and their sphere of influence. The first is what we call our

  • one one one follow up and the one one one follow up is this:

  • we want you to call all your past clients one day after the sale,

  • one week after the sale, and one month after the sale.

  • Now I know what you're thinking but what if they have a problem?

  • I don't want to get dragged in or sucked into their problem

  • that I may not be able to fix. And you know what? You're right.

  • You may not be able to fix it but chances are good that you know more about

  • fixing their problem than they do, right? That's what makes you the expert.

  • And are they expecting to hear from you after the close? Chances are good they're

  • not.

  • So this goes above and beyond and it's a great way of involving yourself

  • in a big life decision and delivering beyond

  • their expectations. The second thing we would encourage you to do

  • is send out valuable educational

  • mail updates, email updates, regular communication;

  • what we like to call 27 to 33 touches

  • to your past clients and sphere of influence every

  • single year. Now one of our clients go so far as to do

  • 81 touches to her past clients and sphere of influence. Now, I know what you're thinking

  • 81 touches? Isn't that's spam? But what's interesting about this is she's

  • never had one person

  • ask to stop receiving information from her because she provides value and

  • she mixes it up. It's not all email, it's direct mail

  • client parties; it's invitations to things that are happening in their community

  • and people love it and they find a valuable. So these are just a couple of

  • ideas things that you can do to stay top of mind

  • with your past clients. If you want more information on these five phases or

  • anything else that we've covered

  • what I want to do is noticed that the links to the previous four phases are in

  • the bottom in the description at this YouTube video

  • or you can visit us online at travisrobertson dot com

  • where you can get more information on us, our programs, our training

  • or even our coaching program because we would love

  • absolutely love to serve you with everything that we do.

  • As always I appreciate your time, appreciate you watching this video

  • and I look forward to seeing in the next one. Take care.

  • and we're designed to help agents like like you create

  • businesses that support your life not businesses tha

  • that each one of your clients are going to go through from

  • recording

  • ...

  • is that a yes? okay sorry.

Hey everyone Travis Robertson here real estate coach


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