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  • Tell me about this boyfriend. What's he like in the sack?

  • Can he thrill the lake?

  • I'm not discussing sex with you tonight.

  • I haven't had a girlfriend in five years.

  • - Really? - Yeah.

  • Mr. Wiggly's been on bread and water for five long years.

  • - Is that the truth? - Yeah.

  • I didn't think it would be fair.

  • You cold?

  • Not really.

  • Feels familiar, doesn't it?

  • Thought you said you didn't remember.

  • I feel kind of selfish under here.

  • You are very selfish, and not just under there.

  • - Too bad you said that. - Why?

  • I was actually beginning to get turned on.

  • - Too bad for you. I wasn't. - You weren't?

  • - No. - Fine.

  • Stop that, will you? If you do that again...

  • You can't tell me what to do, okay? I can't help it.

  • What are you gonna do, add another felony to your list of crimes?

  • Go to sleep.

  • I can't. What's the name of this boyfriend? Tell me. I'll be nice.

  • You will? Okay. His name is Paul.

  • Sounds like a dipshit. Anyone named Paul is probably a spot welder.

  • Shut up. Go to sleep.

  • - Is that true? - What?

  • About five years?

  • - Thought you didn't want to discuss it. - I don't.

  • - Then shut up. - Shut up?

  • Yeah, I'll shut up.

Tell me about this boyfriend. What's he like in the sack?


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