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  • I can't take this anymore.

  • I'm gonna go on the road and hitchhike.

  • I don't care if they catch us and we die.

  • I need food. I need a bath.

  • I need a bed.

  • I need a massage.

  • I need a manicure. I need to see my therapist.

  • I need a beer. Look at that.

  • It's the promised land.

  • We have no money and no credit cards.

  • I'll talk to the guy in charge.

  • Give him this.

  • - Give him my watch. - Hold me down.

  • If they don't take that, sell my body.

  • I don't care.

I can't take this anymore.


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バード・オン・ア・ワイヤー (8/11) Movie CLIP - ローチ・モーテル (1990) HD (Bird on a Wire (8/11) Movie CLIP - Roach Motel (1990) HD)

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