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  • Listen to me. We are at the top of a veritable fortress.

  • Yes! Presidents, oil sheiks stay here.

  • Friends of Lee lacocca stay here. George Harrison stays here.

  • Yes! Because it has the best security money can buy. Don't be paranoid.

  • I hate to be an old woman, but paranoid keeps me alive.

  • This guy comes every morning. Trust me.

  • - Got your breakfast, Miss Graves. - What did you order?

  • - What did you order? - I ordered...

  • ...grapefruit, croissant...

  • And what?

  • Prunes.

  • Ask him what he's got.

  • - Go on, ask him. Bet he can't tell you. - What's for breakfast?

  • Some kind of breads and fruits.

  • I'll be right there. Rick, pull up a chair, sit down.

  • I'll share my prunes and then you can tell me all about this.

  • Don't take the chain off the door.

  • Rattle it like you'll take it off. Make him think you'll take it off.

  • You mean like this? Is that good?

  • Yeah. It's funny to you.

  • Oh, God!

  • - Get the mace! - You get it!

  • The mace! The mace!

  • Hurry up!

  • - Come on! Upstairs! - Wait a minute! Get my purse.

  • - Hurry up! - I can't do this, Rick.

  • What are you talking about? This is what Lee lacocca does.

  • I'm very scared, Rick.

  • Since when did you start wearing underpants?

  • Do I get to know what's going on or do I get killed for old time's sake?

  • Follow me.

Listen to me. We are at the top of a veritable fortress.


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バード・オン・ア・ワイヤー (2/11) Movie CLIP - キラー・ルームサービス (1990) HD (Bird on a Wire (2/11) Movie CLIP - Killer Room Service (1990) HD)

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