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  • Where's the Miller High Life?

  • Where is the Miller High Life?

  • No more High Life.

  • You look what we have.

  • No more High Life?

  • What kind of a joint is this?

  • How come no more High Life?

  • Look, doctor, this ain't Korea or China

  • or wherever you're from.

  • You get some Miller High Life in this fuckin' joint.

  • You buy another beer.

  • Da Mayor...

  • don't drink this Lite shit.

  • Tastes like cold pot liquor.

  • All right, all right. But you're askin' a lot

  • to make a man change his beer. A lot, doctor.

  • Hey! You old drunk!

  • What did l tell you

  • about drinkin' in front of my stoop?

  • Move on. You're blockin' my view.

  • You are ugly enough.

  • Don't stare at me.

  • The evil eye doesn't work on me.

  • Mother Sister, you been talkin' about me for 18 years.

  • What l ever done to you?

  • You a drunk fool.

  • Besides that?

  • The Mayor don't bother nobody,

  • and nobody don't bother the Mayor but you.

  • The Mayor just tend to his own business.

  • l love everybody.

  • l even love you.

  • Hold your tongue.

  • You don't have that much love.

  • One day you gonna be nice to me.

  • We may both be dead and buried,

  • but you gonna be nice.

  • At least civil.

Where's the Miller High Life?


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正しいことをしてください(2/10)ムービークリップ - Da Mayor & Mother Sister(1989)HD (Do the Right Thing (2/10) Movie CLIP - Da Mayor & Mother Sister (1989) HD)

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