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  • [Ring]

  • Wake up.

  • Wake up, wake up, wake up.

  • Up ya wake, up ya wake, up ya wake.

  • This is Mister SeĹ„or Love Daddy.

  • Your voice of choice.

  • The world's only 12-hour strong man on the air,

  • Here on We-Love radio, 108 FM.

  • The last on your dial, but first in your hearts,

  • and that's the truth, Ruth.

  • Here l am. Am l here?

  • Ya know it. lt ya know.

  • This is Mister SeĹ„or Love Daddy

  • doing the nasty to ya ears, ya ears to the nasty.

  • lse only play da platters dat matter

  • the matters dey platter,

  • and that's the truth, Ruth.

  • From the heart of Bed-Stuy,

  • you're listening to We-Love radio.

  • Doing the ying and the yang, the hip and the hop,

  • the stupid fresh thing, the flippity-flop.

  • Awoo!

  • l have today's forecast for you.

  • Hot! Sss!

  • The color for today is black.

  • That's right, black.

  • So absorb these rays and save that heat for winter.

  • So wear that black and be involved.

  • Also today's temperature is rising over 100 degrees.

  • So that's a Jheri-curl alert.

  • That's right, Jheri-curl alert.

  • lf you have one, stay inside,



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Do the Right Thing (1/10) Movie CLIP - 今日の予報 (1989) HD (Do the Right Thing (1/10) Movie CLIP - Today's Forecast (1989) HD)

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