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  • Hey, howdy, Cap'n.

  • Mr. Ewell.

  • Cap'n, l'm real sorry they picked you...

  • to defend that nigger that raped my Mayella.

  • l don't know why l didn't kill him myself instead of going to the sheriff.

  • l'd have saved you and the sheriff and the taxpayers lots of trouble.

  • Excuse me. l'm busy.

  • Hey, Cap'n, somebody told me just now that they thought...

  • that you believed Tom Robinson's story agin ourn.

  • You know what l said ?

  • [ Laughs ] l said, ''You wrong, man. You dead wrong !

  • Mr. Finch ain't taking his story against ourn.''

  • Well, they was wrong, wasn't they ?

  • l've been appointed to defend Tom Robinson.

  • Now that he's been charged, that's what l intend to do.

  • - You taking his story-- - If you'll excuse me, Mr. Ewell.

  • What kind of man are you ?

  • You got children of your own.

Hey, howdy, Cap'n.


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モッキンバードを殺すために (1/10) Movie CLIP - What Kind of Man Are You?(1962) HD (To Kill a Mockingbird (1/10) Movie CLIP - What Kind of Man Are You? (1962) HD)

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